What Sells on eBay? Don’t Miss My Yard Sale Roundup!



Cool pillow, huh?  I sold this pillow + some Berkeley Crocs (yes, Crocs) a few days ago.  I purchased the pillow at a yard sale that featured brand new university-themed items.  Speaking of yard sales…..


I’m having a hard time embedding videos into my blog posts today, so here’s the link to my latest yard sale roundup!  (FYI:  I misread the data, and the lotion ended up being worth quite a bit more than I thought…..and it sold right away!  Darn it.  Oh well.  Live and learn.  Maybe they won’t pay and I can relist it……….)


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  1. Rat Dude says:

    I really like when you post your videos to You Tube as I can easily download the file to my hard drive and play it without and internet connection. I can also play it for friends who aren’t connected to the internet. My yard sale team doesn’t always have internet and I want to them to watch the video before they have the rode on Saturday morning. Can you always post your videos to YouTube and include a link in your blog. Thanks for such a great informative email and I look forward to it every day.

    • ebaylife says:

      Thanks for watching! What’s your userid? I’d love to see what you’re selling!

  2. You’re so cute! I got all excited thinking that was fake veggies! LOL! Always buy fake veggies!