What Sells on eBay? Books on Contemporary Patination!



Contemporary what?  Don’t worry.  I didn’t know what it meant either.  Ever heard of patina? Well, patination is related to the word patina. Recently, we’ve been getting back to our roots. The clothing, shoes, and accessories category has gotten SO competitive. SO COMPETITIVE! It’s easier to make a profit selling estate sale items such as vintage hotel ashtrays and totally random nonfiction books.  When it comes to books, the more obscure, the better. For example, Contemporary Patination is a book we sold to a buyer in the UK for $40.   Since we got it for free, and we listed it ourselves in just a few minutes, we made a nice profit!  Love that.


If you’re interested in hearing more stories about selling unusual items, don’t forget:  The eBay Open 2017 workshops are still online.  I highly recommend listening to the “Seller Q&A-Collector” panel featuring Jason T. Smith of Thrift Hunters, Tim Chapman (AKA Mr. Customer Service) , and antiques dealer Bill Wolstenholme.  Just listened to it again myself.


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