What Can You Buy for $10 and Sell the Same Day for $600?



This weekend I had the opportunity to visit the eBay campus in San Jose!  I finally got to take a pic next to the eBay sign!


While in Silicon Valley, we went to quite a few yard sales, but we didn’t get to go to any estate sales. Darn!  We did. however, spend some of the money we made a few weeks ago when we scored on a set of sterling silver goblets. Yes, that’s right.  Two weeks ago, Johnny went to a pricey estate sale/yard sale and happened to find a set of Alvin goblets sitting on a platter next to some overpriced purses.


The completed listings seemed to indicate that they were worth about $70+ per piece.  I really wasn’t sure how much these particular goblets were worth. We weighed them to see how much the silver itself was worth, and we decided to list them for $599.  They sold that day for full price.  Uh oh.  Next time I’m going to list them at auction.


After selling them, I found another completed listing that seemed to indicate that I could have gotten more for them, but I’m still satisfied with $599.  Love the turnaround time!


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