The First Episode of eBay’s New Podcast Has Posted!


Well, eBay Open has come and gone.  It was truly a blast.  We loved it!  The event gave sellers the opportunity to meet eBay executives, eBay employees, and eBay sellers from around the world!



Sadly, eBay Open 2018 was also the location of the last eBay Radio broadcast ever.  eBay Radio Host Lee Mirabel decided to retire, so the company decided to end the show.  But there’s good news!  Today, eBay released the first episode of their new podcast, Selling on eBay, with Jim “Griff” Griffith and Audrey Tracy of eBay for Business Live!  The release of episode 1 coincides with the release of the eBay Fall Seller Update, so today’s podcast includes a lot of info about upcoming changes.  Don’t miss it!


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  1. Mandy says:

    So glad the show will go on, even if it is a little different.

    • ebaylife says: