eBay Life Score of the Day and Spring 2016 Seller Update!


Last weekend, the weather was awesome, and the deals were hot!  I got up early and spent hours and hours picking up high quality, high-profit items.  Since we no longer run our business from home, we cannot afford to buy junk!


Not only did I find items to resell, but I also came across (don’t laugh) two leather Lazy Boy recliners.  I found the first one at a chiropractor’s yard sale.  I paid $100 including delivery! Yes, the man who sold it to me actually delivered it to my front door!  It was only two years old and originally priced at $950. So comfy.  I added a modern pillow, so it actually looks really cute in our back room.  (Like the vintage clock next to the recliner?)




The second recliner I purchased was an electric Lazy Boy. We found it at an estate sale, and we put it in our rental.  The person running the sale practically begged us to take it home. He kept lowering the price.  Guess how much we paid? (Watch the video to find out!)



Anyway, both of these items would have been perfect for Craigslist.  I’m guessing we could have made at least $150 if we’d wanted to sell them.  Since we now have a warehouse, temporarily storing these chairs wouldn’t have been a problem.


Update: Just received word that eBay’s 2016 Spring Seller Update is out!  Click here to read all about it!


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