Sigmund Freud and Shark Tank



Friday morning I went to an estate sale 30 minutes outside of Chico.  The house was filled with books.  Some of the books were about historical figures, but many of them were about Sigmund Freud.  Pretty random.  The former owner of the house may have been a professor. Not sure.


Anyway, people were going crazy over this man’s book collection. We decided to use eBay’s barcode scanner to look up a few of the more obscure titles we found.  (The barcode scanner is located to the right of the search box when you use the app.)  It’s pretty easy to use.  I quickly found a book that I was interested in. (See picture above) It’s in German, and only two other sellers have it.  Both of those sellers live in Germany.  I checked Amazon, and preowned copies of the book start at $98.


So I decided to price it at $79.99 + free shipping.  Sounds fair to me since I paid…..$1!


Before I go, I wanted to remind all of you that the season premiere of Shark Tank airs Sunday night!


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