Score of the day: 34 Pairs of quality, name brand shoes in almost new condition for …….

Score! We just got home from our favorite thrift shop. A few days ago the manager told us that the shop would be having a 1/2 off sale. I will not reveal the name of the store, but almost every larger town has one.

We ended up purchasing 34 pairs of shoes for …………………….


Wow!!!! That’s less than $2.75 a shoe. Some of these shoes will go for $9.99 but others will go for up to $40 or more.

Included in the lot were brands like Cole Haan, Liz Claiborne, Bally, Bed Stu, and SAS. We even found a pair of cowboy boots. All were in new or almost new condition. Definitely a score!

Here are a three tips to remember when shopping at thrift shops:

1. Most stores have daily specials. Some thrift shops have gotten very expensive. Focus on the items that are on sale.

2. Look at dates. Items that have been on the shelves over 30 days are sometimes 50% off.

3. Make friends with the managers. The manager at this particular store is super friendly and always lets us know of “deal days” ahead of time. Sometimes we even get special treatment because we buy so many items from her establishment!

Don’t forget to check out for hard-to-find shoe sizes and brand names!

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