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Welcome to the “Score Board”!  The “Score Board” is a place where you can tell the world about your recent “scores”!  I hope that it will become an educational resource for eBay sellers.   Learn about what sells by checking the “Score Board” on a regular basis!


The more “scores” submitted, the better!  Here’s how it works:


1.  Enter your name, email, and website address (if you have one) below.


2. Send me a brief description of your recent “score” along with a picture of the item you sold.


3. Be sure to mention your userid and/or store name so that people can check out your other goodies. (Free advertising.  Yay!)


4. If possible, send me a link to the item.


Hope to hear from you soon!

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  1. Tanya says:

    Purchased this Pataloha Shirt for $3.99, it sold overnight for $79.85, Wahoo!!!

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    • ebaylife says:


  2. Betty F. says:

    I purchased this pet grooming system for $9.99 and sold it for $119+!

  3. susie11904 says:

    B O L O : old perfumes…..31 oz rollerball…..look for any kind that looks different..purchased for $1.00…..sold it for $76!

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    • Kim Dermit says:

      Careful with shipping of perfumes. ALL perfumes have to ship via ground shipping (first class or parcel select) due to flammability. They CANNOT be shipped internationally.

  4. Kim Dermit says:

    I keep an eye on Pyrex sales and go to EBay’s sold listings all the time and then sort by highest price sold. I was in an antique store by me and saw a piece of Pyrex that rang a bell. I bought it for $49 and sold it for $295.00!

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    • ebaylife says:

      Wow! I’ve never had much luck with Pyrex. I should give it a second look!

      • Kim Dermit says:

        I think that antique stores are a good spot to look because a lot of those sellers put items in there and then forget about them. If they’re not keeping current pricing with how high the prices are going online, you can get a great deal like I did!

    • Gladys Tineo says:

      I love these! I have tons of Pyrex items so I’m thinking of selling some of those on Ebay as well.

      Wish me luck!! 🙂

  5. Wendall says:

    Both of these shirts were picked up at different Goodwills for $1.29. The ’80s blue Nike was BIN at $74.99. The Santa Monica Track Club was listed at $149, but I took an offer of $100 since it was from the same buyer. These days are rare but encouraging when they happen. I always give 10% to a charity relevant to the item, so it’s a “win,win,win.” Here are the links:

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    • ebaylife says:

      How did you know these worth so much? I would have passed them over.

      • funguyfinds says:

        There is no T-shirt price guide. Its a formula of cultural relevance, rarity and function. These shirts are over 30 years old and comes with the stench of authenticity…which, to a certain demographic, is a status symbol. The buyer remarked that he has been looking for the Nike shirt for over 5 years (possibly nostalgia). I overpaid once for a 1984 Olympic shirt because it reminded me of my grandfather and it was in a size that I can wear. I’m a graphic designer by trade and can spot a valuable shirt in the same way that someone can discern amber and bakelite. Although I have struck out on overproduced reprints before. You always continue to learn and maybe one day I will have an interest in knives and flatware.

      • ebaylife says:

        Thanks for the info! Did you find any in the completed listings or are these that rare?

      • funguyfinds says:

        None on completed listings so it was all a calculated hunch 🙂 It also sold overnight so part of me thinks I should have priced it higher. Then again its part of the wonders of eBay. The right buyer at the right time for the right price.

  6. Megan says:

    I picked up this boys ralph lauren graphic t-shirt at the Goodwill Outlet for .86. Sold for $35.

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    • ebaylife says:

      Great find!

  7. Kim Dermit says:

    I bought this “Sunset Gallery” Christmas Stocking Crewel Kit at a church sale (fill a bag for $5 – so this probably cost me .50). I should have known something was up when it got a bid about 30 minutes after I listed it! It sold for $81!!

  8. Nancy says:

    Purchased this Edward Gorey rubber stamp for $1. Got $36 for it. It was the only one listed on ebay.

  9. Tina says:

    I paid $1.75 for all of these vintage coffee cups. They are Farfel from the Nestle commericals back in the 50s 60s. I got $49.99 plus shipping at an auction. Very happy with that score.

    200948784446 ebay item number

  10. Just sold costume hat–Alice in Wonderland Disney plush hot pink cheshire cat hat. Paid $3 at Goodwill (new with tag) and sold for best offer of $49.95 after 2 days listed.

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    • ebaylife says:

      This is the greatest! I’ll have to post it!

  11. susie says:

    Vintage Horse Pez dispenser, made in Austria No feet
    Paid $1.00 for a bag of 25 old pez…this one sold for^$39.88

  12. susie says:

    Oriental Pagoda Lamp Light 1959 Universal Chalk Ware Mid Century RETRO VINTAGE


    Helping someone with an estate sale, I found this…..sold for $99.00.

  13. susie says:

    Zen and Now Alarm Clock Honey Wood Finish Clouds Chime Clock Meditation Yoga

    downsizing…in closet., sold for $69.99

  14. Pamela Wade says:

    I was at a sale a couple of months ago and the guy wanted $20 for the cooler and $10 for the jug. I asked if he’d take $20 for both and he did! I listed them on ebay and got $102.50 for them! I had heard about vintage Coleman coolers selling from “Dude” at “Money in the Garage” It’s so nice to read these different blogs and learn what sells! I just found yours today! Thank you! ~~Pam

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    • ebaylife says:

      Very cool!

  15. Sarah says:

    Last April I grabbed a nice pair of Justin Chippewa boots at an estate sale for $15. They were muddy, but after some cleanup and polish, they were gorgeous and in great condition. Sold them for $102.

  16. Manderbert says:

    I was walking around The Dollar Tree the other day, and saw several packages of brown paper lunch bags (40 per package). Curiosity got to me and I looked up completed listings for paper lunch bags. They were selling, not very well, but they were selling. I threw a pile of the packages on the ground in a pile and snapped a pic. When I got home I quickly whipped out a listing of 200 bags for $22.00 BIN free shipping. I listed 10 lots. Next day a woman hit my PayPal with 220.00, thats right she bought all 10 lots. I was out 50 dollars plus shipping and fees. I made over 100 dollars, best part is…..$0.00 dollars out ofpocket.

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    • ebaylife says:

      Wow! I love that!

    • ebaylife says:

      What’s the item number?

  17. susie says:



    one of the perks of being a top rated seller….people tend to trust your auctions….did not have time to list individually or take pictures….sold at best offer for $150 ….buyer paid postage to CA

    Keep your lingerie in a box and sell as a lot…it works well

  18. susie says:

    dont overlook old pens…any and all conditions

    Purchased for $1.00; sold for $68…SCORE!

  19. Sally says:

    I bought 10 cases (12 kits per case) of vintage blood transfusion kits from the 1960s, from supplies issued by the government to communities for emergency hospitals during the cold war. Boutght all for $5 at an auction. Sold for $12 per kit (free shipping)

  20. We paid $8 for these dishes and sold them for over $200.

  21. Pageant Curlers….these are neat an hard to find!! New in box – $49.00 plus shipping