My Account Was Hacked



Yup, that’s right.  A few months ago, I woke up to thousands of dollars of eBay sales.  I couldn’t believe how many iPhones I was selling.  Unfortunately, I don’t sell iPhones.


I called eBay, and they immediately put a stop to the situation.  It was my fault that hackers were able to access my account.  I’d recently changed my eBay password to a password that I’d used on numerous accounts – a password I’d used for years.  Don’t ask me why I did that.  Laziness, I guess.


Anyway, eBay took care of everything in record time.  If I’d signed up for two-step verification, this situation probably would never have happened.  I learned about two-step verification by listening to eBay Radio this week.  My idol, Tim Chapman, talked about the fact that he added this feature to both his eBay and PayPal accounts.  Tim Chapman supports his whole family by selling on eBay.  He doesn’t have a warehouse.  He doesn’t have much room.  He only has a few hundred items listed at once.  He’s an expert!  Don’t miss Tim’s interview.


Here are the instructions to set up a “security key” on eBay:

Go to the My eBay tab

Go to the Account tab

Click on the Business Information tab

Scroll down until you see the Security Information section

Click on the 2-step verification


Here are the instructions to set up a “security key” on PayPal:

In the upper right-hand corner of the page, click on “Profile.”

Choose “profile and settings.”

On the left-hand side of the page, click on “My Settings.”

Then scroll down and choose “Security Key.”

Follow the instructions from there on out.


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