Labor Day Weekend 1995 and Star Wars: A Winning Combination


After spending Labor Day Weekend 1995 writing code on his computer, eBay founder Pierre Omidyar launched AuctionWeb, a site that would later be known as eBay.  Thanks, Pierre!


If Pierre had never launched AuctionWeb, some lucky guy may never have had the chance to purchase the totally awesome Star Wars bar stools pictured below. I saw them posted in the Thrifting With the Boys Facebook group this weekend.  My good friend Bryan of Thrift Hunters fame posted the story. He lives in Vegas, so he finds some very interesting casino-related products at the local thrift shops.


Anyway, he still has one to sell, so he didn’t want to reveal how much he paid for each, but someone already gave him $1,000 for two.


But how in the world do you ship such a large product? Well, you turn to the professionals! Bryan posted the job on Roadie and uShip. Both of these services help people find individuals willing to transport large items from one city to the next. Before he knew it, Hillbilly Hauling accepted the job and delivered the bar stools to Spokane, Washington, the next day!



Interested in finding out more about Uship and Roadie?  Don’t miss these videos…




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