I’m Looking for eBay Success Stories!

I love hearing about successful eBay sellers and so does everyone else!  If you’d like to be featured, write up your story, and I’ll post it!  Click here to get an idea of what I’m looking for!




FYI:  It’s Thanksgiving week, and I’m on vacation, so I’ll have more time to post.  Check out this cool “Don Featherstone” Thanksgiving set.  (As I was perusing the completed listings for Thanksgiving items, I noticed other Don Featherstone products.  BOLO!  (Be on the Lookout!) because the set pictured above sold for over $200!


In other eBay-related news….


1. Don’t miss the Stamps.com holiday shipping guide.  The guide covers the following topics:


• Five Tips for Holiday Shipping

• Secrets to Saving Money With Priority Mail

• Getting Started With International Shipping

• Three Ways to Improve Return Shipping

• USPS Holiday Shipping Deadlines


The more you know, the more you’ll make, so be sure to click here to check it out!


2.  Interested in meeting other eBayers?  Join an eBay group in your area or start one of your own!  Click here to read all about it!


And finally….




3. The eBay Scavengers posted a new episode!  Yay!  Here’s a synopsis of the show:


“This week we thought we’d talk more about how we approach our eBay store to make a full-time living. We sell used items that we buy at thrift stores, yard sales, auctions, and even dumpster diving. But this isn’t new info. We’ve been scanning the multiple eBay blogs and Youtube channels where everyone talks about how much money can be made from “flipping” items. Must be easy, right?”


To listen to this episode, click here. 


I don’t have to work this week, so I’ll be posting more frequently.  Stay tuned!

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