Hot Wheels and Hurricanes


So yesterday I went to the allergist.  Apparently, I’m allergic to just about every tree in the area. No surprise there.  Anyway, when my doctor found out that I sell on eBay, he got very excited. He couldn’t stop talking about the fact that he loves to go on eBay and buy vintage Hot Wheels.  So I checked out the completed listings, and I was shocked to find out that some Hot Wheels are worth a small fortune!  I thought they were worthless. Definitely learned something!


Speaking of learning…


Did you know that eBay will apply seller protection for sellers affected by Hurricane Irma? Don’t miss yesterday’s eBay For Business Live: Ask Griff and Audrey Anything broadcast. Lots of great information!   And check out Audrey’s new haircut!  Very chic!  (I’ll add the Vimeo link as soon as it posts, but for now, I’m linking to Facebook!)



By the way, the eBay community has already donated more than $750,000 to the Hurricane Harvey relief effort.  If you’d like to donate to the cause, check out the eBay for Charity page.


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