New to eBay? Start here!


First, register with eBay.

Next, open a seller account.

Finally, sign up for a business account with PayPal.


Now it’s time to start learning!


1. eBay has a great series of videos on You Tube called “Quick Tips for Sellers by eBay.” Don’t miss the following videos: Listing Format and Duration, Product Identifiers, and Printing a Label.  Next, check ou the eBay webinar that explains the “Quick Listing Tool.”  In addition, you will want to read this article about shipping basics from the eBay for Business Blog.  After reading the article, download the free step-by-step shipping guide!


2. You will also want to watch the following “how to” videos: How to Use Calculated Shipping and The Global Shipping Program.


3. Next, you won’t want to miss the “Take Better Photos” presentation from eBay Open 2017.


4. Be sure to check the eBay Life Blog “webinar” tab on a weekly basis to keep up on the latest eBay-related informational videos and webinars.


5. Not sure what to sell?  Don’t forget to check out the “what sells” tab.


6.  Check out eBay’s website.  It’s a wealth of information!


7.  Click on the “Podcasts and Shows” tab and start educating yourself!


8.  Finally, click on the “eBay Groups” tab and join some of the most popular eBay selling groups.  They often have waiting lists, so be sure to tell them I sent you!

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