Have You Listed Using the eBay Mobile App? I Haven’t…..

I still haven’t listed using the eBay Mobile app, but after watching ths video created by eBay seller Sunita Rai, I might try it out!



Sunita created it for the listeners of That Kat Radio.  Click here to check out the podcast!  Click here to check out her eBay store!

Posted by ebaylife 27/11/2013 Comments 10 Comments

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  1. Kat Simpson says:

    Miriam, Sunita was on my podcast 2 times in the last two weeks talking about Mobile and was amazing! She made the video for us to show how easy!


    • ebaylife says:

      I added the podcast! Thanks for the info!

      • Kat Simpson says:

        Thanks Miriam – it’s been fun to learn about Mobile and Sunita is as teaching us about the Etsy Mobile App 🙂

  2. Awesome. I will have the courage to try that now. But Miriam, I know I have seen you list with your phone! Remember Las Vegas and the mens Ferragamo shoes you picked up at the thrift shop before we even got to our room??? You had them listed before we got there, and they sold before you got home, which paid for your flight! LOL. So what was that? 🙂

    • ebaylife says:

      I took a video of the shoes for my blog, but I think I used my laptop to list them! Or am I just getting old and don’t remember? If I did, then that was the only time…. and that was a long time ago!

      • You were as fast on your laptops that gal was on her app. Ha!

  3. Lyn says:

    The convenience is undeniable. But for fast keyboard typists, the thumb typing is inefficient and would slow one down tremendously. Plus, my weak eyes just need a bigger screen to work on.

  4. LaVonna says:

    My don totally uses the eBay app for all his listings.
    I use it about a third of the time. Sometimes I photograph items right from GW’s
    Selling floor and list the item right there!

    • Hi LaVonna! Yes, you do that, too. I have watched u list with your app, Smarty! :-). Linda

  5. Cindy says:

    Miriam, you need to try mobile. I am now at 100% mobile. (just need to clean up old listings from the old template Seller Sourcbook days) and get them all mobile friendly.
    We should all optimize for mobile as that is where eBay is going. eBay is Global and Mobile for 2014.