eBay Seller Turns Passion for Cycling Into Career (Video)


In 2003, Nick Martin decided to live in his van to pursue his dream of traveling and becoming a professional cyclist. Eventually, he turned his love of cycling into an eBay business. His store, The Pros Closet, is “eBay’s largest used cycling source.”  The business is 100% on eBay, and he sells to people around the world.  Don’t miss this story of a man, a van, and a plan!



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  1. Veronica says:

    Fantastic! I would love to hear more about how he transitioned from driving around in the van and bicycling to what looks like having a very large warehouse full of parts as well as employees! The key, I’m sure, to still being able to pursue his bicycling dream, is in delegating work to dependable employees. THIS is the rest of the story I want to hear. One smart cookie! Hopefully, he has an e-book available or in the works?

    • ebaylife says:

      Not sure why they didn’t cover that part of the story. I’d like to know more about how he started his business, too!