Do You Go Brand Shopping? (Video)


When we go to the city, we like to go “brand shopping.” (That’s what Johnny calls it.)  Brand shopping is when you go to higher-end stores looking for new brands to sell on eBay.  It’s important to go brand shopping whenever you get a chance, so you know what to pick up at Goodwill!


While staying at the Venetian, we decided to do some brand shopping at Barneys.  We had the whole store to ourselves, and we learned a lot.  Have you heard of Loewe purses, for example?  Click here to see the completed listings for Loewe purses.  Or have you heard of the brand Celine?  Click here to see the completed listings for Celine purses.


Anyway, I really recommend going brand shopping if you want to be a successful eBay seller.  It’s very educational!


And now, for another eBay SHINE video:



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