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  1. Somasundaram Balakrishnan says:

    Tuesday, 5/6/14

    I was just wondering how other eBay sellers handle shipping fees, when they list and sell their items.

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    • ebaylife says:

      I roll the cost of shipping into the cost of the product unless the product is extremely heavy and / or large.

  2. I need major help!!!
    I take good pictures, etc, but no bidders! If I sell an item it’s super
    cheap, less than what was paid. :/
    I’m wasting money listing!

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    • ebaylife says:

      Thanks for reading!

      I recommend you start listening to eBay Radio and the Ask Janelle show, join the Thrifting With the Boys Facebook group, the Danni App Facebook group. Also be sure to subscribe to The Queen of Auctions newsletter. I would also pick up the latest version of eBay for Dummies for good measure. I would also go through every one of my posts. All good info that will help you.

    • Denise Riffe says:

      I have been selling on ebay for years and have come to the realization that the only people that shop on ebay want high quality items for cheap money and free shipping and because of this I am closing my store I am sick and tired of cheep skates wanting everything for free if they can get it. If you want quality items go to the store and try to talk the store into giving it to you for nothing.

      • ebaylife says:

        I hear your pain, but if you work hard, you can make a full-time living on eBay. We are and you can, too!

  3. Bruce says:

    Is it possible to avoid the “final value fee for shipping”? It’s ridiculous.

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    • ebaylife says:

      No, actually it is not. For years people tried to get around paying fees by charging insane prices for shipping. eBay solved this problem by charging fees on the shipping as well as the cost of product.

      • Bruce says:

        I remember those days. I didn’t buy items that had high shipping charges–that’s the right way to handle that problem.

  4. Anu says:

    Is this mug worth listing ?Found from thrift shop.Could anyone identify the person in mug ?

  5. susan harmon says:

    I recently was outbid in the last second (understandable), however the item was immediately relisted at more than $400 more. There was not time for the winner to be a non-payer, and the winner’s history shows no retracted bids. It also shows 21% of this winner’s bids going to that seller. Is this a common scam?

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    • ebaylife says:

      That sounds very suspicious. Not sure what to think!

  6. Shaad says:

    I have been an eBay member since 1999 and have mainly been a buyer. I now want to get serious about selling and have just opened a store. Does anyone have tips on how to find the most profitable products to sell and how to source them? I’m located in Australia.

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    • ebaylife says:

      Thanks for the comment!

      I definitely recommend yard sales and thrift shops, but I’m not sure if you have those over in Australia. (I lived in Germany for several years, and I know they don’t have yard sales or real thrift shops like we do here in the USA.) You might also purchase lots of clothing and other items from people in your community. You could run an ad asking people to call you about things they are wanting to sell. You might also sell lightweight clearance items from stores like Walmart. The great thing about purchasing things in bulk is that you only have to create one listing per item.

  7. MIKE says:


  8. Shorty says:

    Hi Guys!
    I am new to ebay selling and need some advice. A lady has opened a case “Item not as described” and demanded a refund and that I send her a prepaid packing slip so she can return my “counterfeit” item. I sent her a nice email saying I wasn’t trying to trick her and that I would refund her money, sorry she wasn’t happy with item etc..Best as I can tell, the item is just as described and I took a ton of pictures so the stuff she is saying basically BS but I knew that Ebay would side with her so why fight it, I can resell it. Do i have to send her a prepaid slip too? I know she will get the purchase price and original shipping but if I don’t send her the return shipping can she still escalate the case and cost me selling ranking? I am not even sure what that means. What even happens if ebay sides against you in a dispute besides that they give the buyer the money back? (not that I ever actually had it) She has since sent me another email basically calling me a criminal and saying that she will “report” me even if I return her money. She is so much more angry then she needs to be, it is starting to feel like a scam. I am now thinking she will either damage the item or not send it back at all. If anyone of you experienced sellers could offer suggestions on the best way out with the least amount of damage, it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks! – Shorty

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    • ebaylife says:

      I’m guessing she will leave you negative feedback even if you pay her return shipping, so I would just have her send it back. If a buyer doesn’t like an item and a case is opened, eBay requires they send it back and provide a delivery confirmation number. Is this an expensive item? If it’s not, I would probably just let her keep it and place her on my blocked buyer list.

    • Audrey says:

      If you are not already, get set up on the eBay automatic returns process:


      Your customers can print off a return shipping label and it will be billed to you. I have had a couple of customers go ballistic when they weren’t happy with their purchase, even if it was exactly as described. Keep your communication completely professional, even when theirs is not. I contacted eBay’s seller customer service in both cases and they were able to read all of the messages. In one case, the buyer simply gave up after realizing I wasn’t going to give in to her unrealistic demands. In the other case, the buyer finally sent the item back for credit using the hassle-free return process. Ebay didn’t allow their negative feedback and I still have 100% positive.

    • Mommie03 says:

      Hi I have recently ran into this issue. How was this resolved? Thanks your input will be helpful!

    • lynda says:

      Ebay sends you the messages on what you can do and gives you the times on what all has to be completed.. Request that the item be returned to you.. once received make sure it was not altered, damaged or switched by the buyer. If you feel that it is your fault then you can issue a refund.. apologize and ask buyer not to give you bad feedback or ask them to change it from neg to pos.. Most people r nice once they get $ back.. If not your fault then message back to the buyer how you feel.. Do not escalate the case because eBay will side with the buyer. If the buyer escalates and Ebay goes to their favor then you can call eBay and ask that neg feedback and default points be removed. Talk to an eBay manager only and check back often if you don’t see the removals on your dashboard.. They can remove the feedback rite away.. All of this is time consuming and wasted time for sellers but I do it to keep my eBay account in perfect standing.. Ultimately eBay can side with both buyers and sellers at the same time.. It just takes a lot of work to accomplish this..

      • ebaylife says:

        Thanks for sharing!

  9. Jeirmy says:

    When listing clothing do you worry about getting the wrinkles out? If so do you steam, iron or take to the cleaners? It takes so much time to steam so I would like to find a shortcut. Also, editing the pictures takes forever as well. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    • ebaylife says:

      If an item is super wrinkly, we wet it and stick it in the dryer!

    • funguyfinds says:

      Steaming gives me the opportunity to scrutinize clothing to find flaws, loose threads, holes, etc that I then note on the listing. It’s also a way to eliminate the potential for bugs and critters that may have taken refuge in used clothing and infiltrate the rest of your inventory. I’ve gone through a couple of Jiffy professional steamers (bought used of course) and they are an essential part of my process so I can’t take a shortcut. Find a good system that works for you…like steam at night when its cool and take pictures in daylight. As far as pics go – find a setup where editing is minimal (cropping and brightness/contrast at most). But if its a higher price item I take it a step further and do color correcting. Find what works for you – I just need to feel that I’m doing the best I can do for my customers — which, like success, is different for everybody. Best Regards!

  10. rcorb3101 says:

    I read on here that one should be able to do about 4 postings per hour. I can do about 1.5 postings in an hour. Are there any tips around on how to streamline postings in a quicker manner? I struggle to get them done and spend much too long on each item.
    Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    • ebaylife says:

      Make sure you create templates. Don’t be too wordy. Stick to the basics because people don’t read. Include the important info and call it a day!

  11. Heidi says:

    I have seen far too many items from China, undercutting everyone. This is really an unfair advantage, and China does not care… It is not fair competition.
    This is not to mention big box store crap. It is no fun any more.
    I will no longer use ebay.

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    • ebaylife says:

      There’s tons of stuff to sell Click on “What Sells” and you’ll see!

      • Heidi says:

        Okay. I will try.

  12. Shirley says:

    I come across so many name brand handbags, clothes, etc., but I worry about whether or not they are authentic. I don’t want to sell any counterfeit items, even by mistake. How can you tell if your item is counterfeit or not? Is there someplace you can go to find out this information?

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    • ebaylife says:

      If you’re a newer seller, and you don’t know if they are authentic, I wouldn’t list them. Years ago I got a violation on my account for listing a designer purse. Stick to the brands that are lesser brands but sell well.

      • Shorty says:

        what does that mean “a violation on your account”?

      • ebaylife says:

        It probably means that you sold something eBay doesn’t want you to sell.

  13. Brett Thompson says:

    I have successfully used eBay many times for local pick up including when I moved from my Apartment into a furnished home when I used eBay to sell all my furniture including a large leather sectional couch! I used Paypal as my payment method without a hitch (now you can even get the Paypal payment square for your iPhone or mobile device to accept payments in person) I always had a couple friends or family members with me for witness and or protection and spoke on the phone with the person prior to set up a convenient time and made sure they would bring their own moving help ( this part is key) All my buyers paid upfront post auction with PayPal just like a normal auction and came to pick up and inspect items. I added in my auctions that if upon pick up and inspection the buyer changed their mind or found a flaw not listed I would refund them via PayPal the full price minus any listing fees or the negotiated discount. I have found that most buyers who know they have paid a fair price for an item will give you very little resistance when it comes to paying. I found eBay to have better pre screened buyers than Craigslist, who’s buyers seemed sketchy un-reliable and I got crazy price reduction requests and fishing emails about my items, and buyers often never showed up. eBay holds it’s buyers and sellers to a higher standard and feed back is key.

  14. Inga says:

    I would like to start a petition protecting us sellers from Ebay’s policy to refund International buyers their money due to lost in transit by the fault of USPS service I need Ebay sellers who Incurred same as I. I shipped an item to Argentina and was forced to refund my buyer. Though it’s not my fault that the USPS has no clue where the item is. I will start a petition on Change.org, I need Ebay sellers to sign it. Thank you for your help!

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    • ebaylife says:

      My suggestion would be to insure all products through Shipsurance.com. It’s easy!

  15. Bruce says:

    I received a second chance offer on an item I did not win. Could a friend of the seller have won the auction just to see how high the bidding would go, and then the seller would send me the second chance offer? Or am I being too suspicious?

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    • ebaylife says:

      I doubt there was anything shady going on. eBay is pretty good about identifying shill bidding, and I sometimes send second chance offers when someone doesn’t pay.

      • Bruce says:

        OK thanks you’re probably right….it’s the first time I have ever seen a second choice offer!

  16. Randy says:

    Where is a good place to research women’s clothes? also any of you clothing sellers do u ever but a common brand of clothing because it just looks nice? I have seen lots of shirts that were every nice but they were average brands!

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    • ebaylife says:

      On eBay, you can do a completed listing search. Click on any ‘advanced search’ link and check the ‘completed listing” box. Write keywords in the search box. Sort the results from highest to lowest. Later on, you might want to subscribe to Terapeak at Terapeak.com. I do!

    • sheldragon says:

      If the non-brand label piece has something special going for it, I will list it. Since search engines search by keywords, you need to have something in your title that will get picked up. If the label brand isn’t enough, you need something else.

      I have listed non-brand labels that were 100% silk or rayon, a popular print or style, and popular colors. You will not get name brand prices for them, but if they have something special to describe, and you price them right, they will go fast.

  17. Terry says:

    Hi everyone, I don’t know if this is useful but I have found it to be for my eBay items that I sell. I advertise them on “Kaboodle classifieds”
    When you post a free ad there is an option to enter your eBay item number. When you view the ad it shows a link to your eBay auction, it is be worth a look. I haven’t had to pay yet so it look genuinely free. I guess I have had a few extra clicks on my items which have all now sold. All the while it is free I will continue using it.

    Cheers. Terry

  18. Carol says:

    I’m interested in starting to sell on EBAY. What types of things sell the most?

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    • ebaylife says:

      I recommend clicking on the “What Sells” and “Score of the Day” tabs. Lots of free info on this topic!

  19. Veronica says:

    Are these designer shoes and handbags? Would they be worth some bucks if they didn’t smell of smoke? If so I would give one or two pairs a try. I am sure there are smoker’s out there that might buy them. 30 years ago I was a smoker and I know that when you are a smoker you can’t smell smoke on things, only non-smokers can. Also I would try enclosing them in a plastic bag with a box of baking soda or some charcoal to see if it absorbs some of the odor. You might also try an enzyme spray if it won’t damage the fabric. A dish of vinegar will remove the smell of smoke from a room you might see if you could do something with that? I wouldn’t use it on leather but it might be ok on vinyl? The smell f the vinegar will disipate later. Maybe try some of those “sneaker balls” for removing stinky foot odor? And of course give buyer the right to return if not satisfied. Good Luck!

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    • Try putting each item in a plastic bag with a couple of fabric softener sheets. Its the best way I know to remove bad odors. Good luck.

  20. Donna says:

    I recently was given lots of shoes and handbags in brand new condition from a friend. I’d love to sell them on Ebay but she is a smoker and everything smells of smoke. Has anyone ever listed anything stating that it comes from Smoker’s Home? Not sure if I’d be wasting my time and maybe should just donate them.

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    • Debbie says:

      I have a really nice thrift store find leather hand bag that had a smoky smell to it. I researched and found out that rubbing alcohol, the kind you buy in the drug store, would get the smell out. I did a test spot to make sure that the color would not come off. It didnt so I proceeded to wipe down the entire purse, using alcohol dampened cotton balls, throwing away the used ones and replenishing with new cotton balls. I even wiped down the straps and the inside. I got every square inch of the purse, inside and out and today, there is no smell of smoke and I can carry it and be comfortable that it doesnt stink:)

      • Sherry says:

        Debbie, thank you for this great info, I did not know that alcohol would do the trick. I sometimes get items with that smoke smell and usually just toss them. NOW I will try your trick. Thank you again.

    • ebaylife says:

      I wouldn’t list the items unless they are worth a lot. Sometimes you can discount high profit items to the point where people are willing to put up with the smoke smell because the deal is so good.

    • Melissa says:

      Donna, I have had a few really nice products in the past that had a slight smoke smell to them. I let them air for a few days before listing them. This didn’t eliminate the smell but it didn’t seem as strong. When I did list them, I made sure to include in my listing that although my house is smoke free, some of the items I get in have been exposed to smoke and this item has a slight smoke smell. I put in in all caps so it’s clearly seen. I still list these items because it may not matter to some people and still sell. Offer returns as well, just in case someone gets it and it is “too smokey” for them, they have the option to send it back. Hope that helps.

      Debbie, I’ve never heard of the alcohol cleaning but I’ll be trying it next time I have an item that smells! Thanks for the advice!

    • I put anything that doesnt smell great in a plastic bag with a fbric softener sheet. Works quite well, especially forstoring sweaters until they sell. And linens.

  21. Pam says:

    You Can do local pickup when selling on Ebay. Some of the benefits are no shipping and No Paypal fees.

    You must meet the buyer in person, and allow them to inspect and try out the item to their satisfaction.

    Once they are satisfied, they pay you in cash or US Postal Money order and take their item home with them.

    Do NOT accept Paypal for local pickup, because there is no way to prove the buyer got what they paid for. A dishonest buyer can pay with PP, take the item home, file INR and win. Even if you mail a receipt, they will win a SNAD since the auction was not for a receipt, but the item that they picked up.

    Done properly, there should not be any SNAD or INR issues because they inspected it at time of pick up and had their chance to refuse to buy. By paying for and taking home the item, they have indicated they are satisfied with it. There is nothing they can do beyond star dinging and – fb.

    When a buyer pays in cash on pickup or by USPS money order at any time, there are no Paypal fees on the payment.

    As to where to meet, that is between you and your buyer and how portable the item is. I have done local pickup in the parkinglor of a fast food restaurant, or the parking lot of a shopping center or even mu local police station. I have friends who do local pickup for large, heavy items at their home and they have not had any trouble, but the item is outside or in the garage and the buyer does not go into the home. Any tools, etc are covered over with large sheets or canvas. Also the men in the family are home at time of pickup.

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