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  1. Tara Anchor says:

    I have never done local pick up on ebay but I guess if it were me, I would do craigslist instead? The advantage of ebay is the “global market”, but if your item is only being sold to people within driving distance, it takes away some of that advantage anyway.

    Just my opinion, but you’ll save the fees from ebay also.

  2. Tina says:

    I was wanting to know what’s the right way to do local pick up on ebay? Has anyone had any experience with doing that?

    Do they pay through paypal or cash on pick up?
    How do you verify (for ebay & paypal) that they actually got it? Did you just leave the items on your porch/yard or did you go meet them?

    I have a few things that I’d like to get rid of but don’t want to ship. I’d like to do local pick up the right way without getting burned.

    Thank you in advance.

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    • sheldragon says:

      For Local Pickup on eBay you should ONLY accept cash — NO PayPal. The reason being, if you accept PayPal, there is no way for you to provide online delivery confirmation and an unscrupulous buyer could claim they never received it and get their money back from PayPal. They would have your item and the money.

      eBay figures that with a local pickup, the buyer gets to see, touch, smell, and inspect the item before paying, thereby making an Item Not As Described complaint a moot point. There is no record of cash changing hands, so they can’t claim Item Not Received, either.

      To be safe, stipulate in your listing that you will only accept cash as payment, NO personal checks (can’t verify immediately). If the buyer asks about a money order, USPS MO is the only safe alternative suggested by eBay (you can not say you will take a MO in your listing, but if the buyer asks about it, you can agree).

      The word according to eBay:
      ” In-person payment methods can include checks, money orders, cash, PayPal, or credit card. In your listing, be clear about which of these payment methods you’ll accept.

      “Most sellers don’t accept checks or money orders, because if they don’t clear after the buyer has picked up the item, the seller has fewer options for resolving the problem.”

      Good luck!

    • Lyn says:

      Ebay doesn’t allow cash payment. You aren’t even supposed to say it in a listing. I have heard they take down listings that say it. I have posted a “cash payment upon pickup” listing and they didn’t catch it. The other problem with that is that you have to accept at least one form of electronic payment so it’s automatically on your listing no matter what you say. So they can click on the Paypal and pay you and all you can do is refund the payment and have them bring cash when they come to pick it up. Ebay isn’t really set up for local pickup with a cash payment.

      • sheldragon says:

        Yes, actually, it is:

        Payment upon pickup

        How does it work? Your buyer pays you when they pick up the item.

        Do I need to register? No.

        Do I pay a fee? No.

        Does the buyer have to register? No.

        Does the buyer pay a fee? No.

        How soon am I paid? Immediately. In-person payment methods can include checks, money orders, cash, PayPal, or credit card. In your listing, be clear about which of these payment methods you’ll accept.
        Most sellers don’t accept checks or money orders, because if they don’t clear after the buyer has picked up the item, the seller has fewer options for resolving the problem. See our accepted payments policy.

        Is there seller protection? Yes. eBay Buyer Protection protects sellers when they show an item was properly described and the item was purchased with an eligible payment method. Learn more about what eBay Buyer Protection means to sellers.

        Is there buyer protection? Yes. eBay Buyer Protection covers the purchase price plus original shipping if the item doesn’t match the seller’s description. Buyers need to pay with an eligible payment method. Cash, checks, and money orders are not covered by eBay Buyer Protection.

        Does this method require eBay checkout? No.

        Is there help if I have a transaction problem? Yes, through the eBay Resolution Center. Learn what to do when a buyer doesn’t pay.

    • ebaylife says:

      The bottom line is …you’re not covered by eBay on local pickup. There’s no delivery confirmation. There’s no way for eBay to know if the item has been paid for or received. I only offer the local pickup option on large items.

  3. Ted says:

    I was wondering if their might be some free software that yall have used in the past for tax purposes or for inventory management? to keep track of earnings and expenses.

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    • ebaylife says:

      I don’t know of a free service, but Easy Auctions Tracker is only $50 a year. A real bargain. If you go to the “Selling Resources” section to the right of my blog’s homepage, you will see the link.

  4. Jeffrey Varnado says:

    There is growing public sentiment for an investigative journalist like John Stossel or Morgan Spurlock to take a good hard look into ebay.

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    • ebaylife says:

      Love John Stossel but I’m not sure why he’d want to investigate eBay…..

  5. Jeffrey Varnado says:

    The amoral “law unto itself” entity that ebay has become can be traced back to John Donahoe becoming CEO around early 2008 and the introduction of the DSRs and a number of other egregious policies: PayPal holds of whatever length, seller limitations, forcing sellers to only take PayPal (or at least not allowing them to announce that they can and will accept money orders), the fee hikes of course, Guardrail or Quick Decline and trending. All of this has combined (by design) to create a hostile environment of fear and distrust for small sellers at ebay. All of it combines to drive small sellers off through restrictions and suspensions or because they wake up to what is going on and leave by choice. Because of the nature of predatory capitalism, ebay survives and thrives because there do not appear to be outside mechanisms (SEC, FTC, Attorney General’s offices, Senators, Congressmen) reacting to the illegalities being perpetrated by ebay. Are they blind to it, unaware of it, or “bought off”. I lean toward a combination of the three, which is why a good investigative report by some major television network may be needed to really get the ball rolling in terms of exposing ebay publically and getting a real investigation into by authorities capable of doing something about it. I personally lean toward a House/Senate Committee Investigation of ebay (televised of course) along the lines of the Watergate Hearings or the Clarence Thomas hearings. If dozens and dozens of sellers who have suffered unjustly from ebay could testify before government officials UNDER OATH factually and truthfully this would be DAMNING to ebay. The further grilling of ebay top brass as they attempt to justify their egregious actions would be the icing on the cake. I urge anyone reading this to write to your Congressman or Senator in Washington DC (you can Google contact info), state your case accurately, and request an investigation into ebay. Snail mail still works better for OFFICIAL matters, but don’t hesitate to email or call their 800 numbers as well.

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    • You sound like a socialist. If you don’t like Ebay you don’t have to sell or buy there. Start your own companyand make your own rules. It is just that simple.

  6. yes always try to think of yourself as a large store, Would Wal Mart refuse a return, or not allow you to put something back on the shelf? Just move on. I have had some crazy, ask for 2 month to pay etc. It’s part of doing business. You may want to check your setting and make sure you have people with out any sale blocked, However I have had some very successful sales from new buyers as well so think about that carefully.

  7. Ralph Thomas says:

    I have had that experience of being dumped many times in 8 or so years. Also the bids and no pay. Used to drop a nice note offering quit and be friends no harm done. Now I just sit it out and let Ebay note they are dead beats.
    I will take someone off bid if they ask. Just the pain of doing business. It beats all kind of things you get in the Brick and mortar world, they can,t hit throw or verbally abuse you. I give thanks daily for that.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I am new to selling on line and i am looking for a group meeting in Sacramento,Ca.of people who know how to do this,and a chance to make new friends. Thank You Liz

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    • ebaylife says:

      I don’t know of one in Sac, but I know there is a group in the Bay Area. Click here for the eBay Radio directory! If that doesn’t work, check out the Selling Resources section of this blog.

  9. Taylor says:

    I have two airline signs, one im curious about is from the defunct and infamous VALUJET. Which changed names to Air tran after the tragic crash of flight 592. The sign was originally fixed behind the ticket counter and is 3 feet in diameter and is made of a plastic board material with the name and “critter” logo on what i believe is a vinyl material that was pressed to the board. Overall condition is pretty good with some small dings. I have reason to believe this is the ONLY ticket counter sign left. Since most were put to the incinerator after the merger. Just curious to what this is worth. Feedback much appreciated. Thanks!

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    • Sounds like it would be quite valuable. I would decide what is the least I would accept for it and start an auction there. Good luckk

  10. toni says:

    I have had 3 or 4 customers change their mind about a bid over the last 6 months. I think most were before the auction ended. Do you guys always release the person from the bid if its before the auction ends. This last one said she found something else and really couldnt afford my item now. Noone else was bidding just her.

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    • sheldragon says:

      Unfortunately, we don’t have much choice on this. If we don’t, and the buyer pays, they can leave whatever FB and stars they want. It’s just not worth it. They could also play the Item Not as Described card and open a case against the seller which be a strike on the seller’s account.

      Smile sweetly, cancel their bid, and chalk it up to great customer service.

  11. Maria Smythe says:

    I just wanted to warn eBay sellers about a scam on eBay. A buyer with the user name quinn1964 is purchasing items and claiming not to receive them even though tracking information shows the item as delivered. She then demands a refund and when the refund is given she claims to have not received that either. Now she has the item and her money back and then she leaves negative feedback saying she didn’t receive anything or a refund! She will continue to harass you with nonsensical emails and threats although it is unclear what she wants. PLEASE PLEASE Do Not fall victim to her scam!! She has already been reported by numerous sellers but hasn’t been suspended yet. Check the feedback she has left for others and block her …quinn1964….don’t become her next victim. Sorry if this post was negative, I just want to protect the eBay community because I LOVE it sooo much. 🙂

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    • sheldragon says:

      Why are you refunding at all? If you have a delivery confirmation or tracking number that shows delivery was made to the address the buyer chose at time of payment, you don’t need to do a darned thing. Just ignore the email.

      If the buyer opens a case (and most scammers won’t), all the seller needs to do is enter the tracking info in the Resolution Center. That’s it. eBay will find in favor for the seller every time.

      I NEVER respond to buyers like this. They’re just phishing and looking for a seller to panic and refund.

      If you have a tracking DC number that confirms delivery for this transaction, call call eBay Customer Service and find out about getting that FB removed.

      NEVER give in to buyers looking to make a quick buck by getting a partial or full refund. If they threaten with neg FB, hit the Report button and forward the message on to eBay (if they threaten, and then do leave a neg, it will be removed for violating policy). If this buyer keeps doing this and no one reports it, they will continue to get away with it. If sellers would report buyers like this, eBay WILL take action and suspend or ban these people.

    • Lynette says:

      I looked up quinn1964 and she has no negatives and has never left a negative. Maybe its a different user ID.

  12. Peppermint Pattie says:

    Here’s something I discovered as an ebay seller today: If you ship using a USPS medium flat-rate box, you, the seller, end up paying ebay/paypal for every box you ship. Here’s the math: med. flat rate box charge from the post office is $12.35, the ebay seller discounted rate is $11.30, ebay/paypal charges 10% of the final value fee on shipping, which is $1.24. $11.30 + 1.24 is $12.54, which is 19 cents more than the post office charges for the same box. This is in addition to the 10% final value fee for the item sold. When I contacted ebay customer service, several times, the final answer I got was: too bad, that’s our policy.

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    • sheldragon says:

      eBay charges a FVF on the amount received from the buyer (both for the item and for shipping), not on how much you pay to purchase the label.

      Add the amount eBay charges on to your shipping rate and you will be covered. Also, never show the weight on a package, best to not get buyers wondering about that.

      Better yet, combine the cost of shipping into the cost of the item and list as Free Shipping. This could lead to more discounts and better exposure in searches.

  13. AngelaDee says:

    Hi! I’ve been selling on eBay for 7 yrs and have a 100% feedback and never had a problem. Says I can sell up to $6K a month (ha!) I recently listed some like new Nike tops I have, and after listing 4-5, now it won’t let me list any more until next month it says. Call them, said they’d change, but it still won’t. Is there some type of monopoly on Nike stuff that anyone knows of? Thanks!

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    • Priscilla says:

      If you suddenly list several items of certain “hot” in demand brands, eBay gets concerned you are possibly listing counterfeits. Same thing happened to me when I listed some brand new MAC cosmetic items for a friend; I also have 100’s of great feedbacks. It’s a pain but I guess I can understand the concern.

  14. Rich Vernadeau says:

    The biggest problem that ebay is not correcting is the disproportionately bad impact that a few low DSR ratings (1’s and 2’s) can have on a small seller. They can result in sudden holds placed by ebay on PayPal funds, lower placement of items in search results, knocking a seller out of TRS status, and Seller Limitations. This is an issue ebay is not trying to correct.

  15. Tyler Eash says:

    I’ll try to keep this as positive as possible. I have a 700+ 100% positive score with eBay. This morning I woke up to find that an item I listed last week accidentally got listed under a wrong category. Not only did eBay remove the posting, they suspended listing privileges for 3 days? Has eBay forgotten who generates their revenue? Has anyone else dealt with this type of behavior? Thank you!

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    • Fitzcharming says:

      I listed a purse once that was a fake. It never occurred to me that it could be a knock off. But eBay suspended my listing privileges for a week. You can bet I will keep that in mind from now on. I’m not sure about listing in the wrong category though. There’s nothing you can do but wait it out I don’t think.

    • Ed says:

      I would call them to find out why you got suspended.
      There are usually other factors in play.
      Over the years I’ve had multiple issues with various items but I’ve never been suspended thank God.

      I have called them after each problem and explained the situation and they have made a note of it.

      I think the communication has helped me stay out of trouble or suspension.

    • Linda says:

      I agree with Ed. I think most of those acvount holds are computer generated and if you call and speak to a “real” person and explain the situation they may remove the hold. I was able to have a suddenly imposed selling limit lifted by calling. It’s worth a try.

    • Leroy says:

      eBay is NOT about sellers anymore, they are focused on exploiting their monopoly in the favor of the buyers. The feedback changes alone would be reason to ditch them, but alas there is no alternative that has the market of eyeballs that ebay has. I was suspended three times in the last 90 days and I just made Top Rated Plus again last week. Don’t sweat it its all automated these other comments about calling them are comical. eBay could CARE LESS.

      • ebaylife says:

        Why were you suspended?

  16. Pam says:

    I may have missed this discussion, but I am wondering how the Global Shipping Program is working out for everyone. Are there any extra charges or anything that I should be aware of? I haven’t signed up yet, but would like to.

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    • sheldragon says:

      From everything I have read, do NOT sign up for it. Most sellers who sign up for it want to opt out — and unfortunately, you can’t. You can only remove the option from your listings.

      It involves eBay ‘taking over’ your packages that ship out of country. Packages go to a central depot and then ship overseas from there. There have been many problems with the program. Most significantly, they charge the recipient for customs fees that are not valid and packages arrive at the destination with postage due.

      Buyers get irate and leave FB accordingly saying they were charged more than necessary and they blame the seller (even though it’s Global Shipping that did it). Go to the Answer Center in eBay (under Community at top of eBay page) and search for Global Shipping. You can read all the problems everyone is having. To date, no one seems to prefer it.

      You would be better off handling international shipping on your own. At least if there is an error, you will only have yourself to blame.

      • Pam says:

        Thanks! That helped a lot!

      • ebaylife says:

        No problem!

      • Kathleen Hansen says:

        I did sign up for the Global Shipping and someone in Canada made a purchase and gave me a positive feedback with a comment about the high charges and I had given her free shipping. I recently had a Canadian sale and the buyer asked me if I could ship it at a reasonable price. I did it on my own and it was very reasonable.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    I made a purchase from in ebay in April, using paypal, no problem. now I want to make another purchase using the same email address and password and they are rejected by both places. I don’t understand. what can I do.

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    • ebaylife says:

      You are going to have to contact PayPal. Are you sure you are typing in the same password you used the first time? Call PayPal. They will help!

    • sheldragon says:

      Did you ever figure out what happened? I would be curious to know. Another reason for being rejected could be as simple as a back-up credit card has passed its expiration date. Let us know!

  18. Edward says:

    I recently had a listing removed for a trademark violation. It was a H&M Baby onesie. The request was made by Gerber Childrenswear. I couldn’t figure out what the violation was. I did a little research and found out that “onesie” is a registered trademark owned by Gerber. I had no idea. I thought I’d share this with everyone. I was wondering if anyone else had any trademark violations that they would be willing to share with the group.

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    • Angela says:

      I had the same violation for the word “onesie”. I never realize they “owned ” that word.

    • Cindy says:

      Perhaps I slipped under Gerber’s radar or it’s been many years since I sold baby clothing because I feel like I would have used that same descriptive. I had no idea, also, that was a trademark. I just scanned Target & Nordstrom and they call this piece a “bodysuit”.
      Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

    • Cheryl says:

      The exact same thing happened to me. I had several listings for baby bodysuits removed because I used the word “onesie”. Like everyone else here, I had no idea anyone owned that word. I have been using that word routinely in eBay listings for more than 12 years and had never had a problem!

      I guess the “owner” suddenly went on a tear and went after all those listings a month or two ago. The notice I got was not clear as to exactly what the violation was; I had to research it a while to figure out that the problem was the word “onesie”. I followed the instructions in the violation e-mail and asked them what I had done wrong. I never received a response.

      My advice is to avoid selling and BUYING Gerber products!

    • Cassidy says:

      I had the same violation. Now I can’t list any clothes for 30 days. I followed the protocol for response, so we’ll see how it goes. Needless to say, I’m not very happy. I have started a new account in order to sell clothes if need be. Either way, no more listings with the word “onesie” or anything that sounds like that word! Glad I’m not the only one, but sorry at the same time!

  19. Cindy says:

    It seems eBay no longer shares the Best Offer Accepted price. When researching selling prices I’ve always found the Accepted Offer price to be very helpful as well.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Cindy!
      Ebay still shares the accepted price on eBay Canada.

      Here’s the secret to finding it … When you are looking at an item which sold for Best Offer (w/ a slash thru the price), look in the URL bar on your computer where the listings address reads .com (dot com) … and CHANGE the COM to CA then refresh your window.

      That will take you to the same listing on eBay Canada and will show you what the accepted price was!

      • Cindy says:

        Hooray for eBay Canada! Thank you for sharing this simple but so beneficial information.

  20. Joe says:

    Just wanted to put this out there. I regularly send out a list of wholesales deals (twice/month). Some are good, some are not. If you would like to get this alert please go to my website and sign up. It is totally free, nothing for sale.Plus you can get my free eBook, my newsletter and a bunch of free tools for eBay. You can unsubscribe at any time, no strings attached.

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  21. Tina says:

    I sold on and off in 2012 on ebay. I started Outright last night and they pulled the information from my ebay & paypal accounts.

    When Outright ran the numbers, it stated that I was a negative $55.43. 🙁 Bascially I made nothing and am in the hole. Negative $55.43.

    I am self-employed already (I’m a single mom who cleans houses) do I need to mention the ebay negative to my tax person?

    Is there anything I need to do since it was a negative? I assume Outright was correct since they pulled both accounts.

    I thought about doing Turbo tax for the first time this year.

    Someone let me know please.
    Thank you very much

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    • ebaylife says:

      I recommendeasyauctionstracker.com for next year. I love it, and it’s only $50 a year. I like it better than Outright.

      How does Outright calculate these numbers? Did you enter your expenses each month or is it just taking eBay and PayPal fees + sales? Did you sell more than $20,000 + 200 transactions? If so, the IRS will a 1099K.

      • Tina says:

        I had 174 transactions I believe. All I have are my ebay invoices and paypal records.

        At the end of the year, I believe ebay said I made 1907.43.

        I assume since I tied my paypal & ebay accounts to Outright, that they pulled the fees and how much I made. I always pay my ebay fees through paypal.

        No, I didn’t enter any expenses (tape etc) or cost of goods. So I assume that negative number would be higher.

        I do not have a store and remember paying for pictures last spring.

        I will probably just pull my invoices from ebay and paypal information and add and subtract to see if that’s correct.

        Outright also has some kind of schedule C report or something like that.

        I believe I sold in Feb/March, August through December.

        When I saw the number at the end of the year of how much I sold $1907. and then saw where Outright said I was negative, it was kinda depressing. A lot of work for nothing. 🙁

        I didn’t know if I had to mention this to my tax person since I made so little or nothing in all.

        If I continue to do ebay, then the easyauctiontracker would be a great thing.

        So from my numbers, I made a lot less than 20K and less than 200 transactions. Does ebay/Paypal send anything to me or to the IRS?

        Do I say that to my tax person? I have no clue. Thought about using Turbo Tax cause H & R Block was charging me about $200 or so to do my taxes.

        Is there another one I could figure out what I made besides adding/subtracting paypal & ebay numbers?

        This stuff makes me nervous cause I don’t want to mess up my taxes. Thanks!

      • ebaylife says:

        If your PayPal and eBay fees are more than the amount you sold, you have nothing to worry about. Just take that info into your tax person.

    • Joe says:

      You should really take care of your books. I started with Outright but I found pretty big limitations with it. This was 3 years ago, I don’t know if now it has been upgraded. You need to keep track of all you buy for resale and everything you sell. All the expenses you sustain to make the sales. I would recommend you to start with Quickbooks, they have a free version that should be good enough to start with. If you need to track your inventory you’ll have to buy a higher version. It all goes down to you, how involved you are on eBay, what kind of sales you have in terms of $$$.
      Also, go to your local library and get a book about the basics of accounting, it will be valuable knowledge that will be with your for the rest of your life.
      Good luck to you,


    • sheldragon says:

      I agree, Outright is a mess — I never did use it and don’t plan to in the future. There are some other options available online (e.g., easyauctiontracker), but I have found that the best solution is to keep your own records offline. Look into Quicken, MYOB, or set up your own spreadsheet in Excel or Numbers (Mac).

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