From “All My Children” to eBay Queen!



Classically trained actress and eBay expert Kathy Terrill has done it all.  She has appeared on soap operas like All My Children, she spent six years as a product presenter on QVC, and she spent twenty years working in brick and mortar retail.  Kathy is currently an eBay consultant, social media expert, in-demand speaker, and coach. This year she was selected from over 600,000 sellers to receive eBay’s Small Business Advocate Award.


Kathy, who lives in New York City, began selling on eBay so she could spend more time with her family.  Like most of us, she started out by listing items from around her house.  She currently has a feedback score of over 10,000.  Her eBay store, NYC Fitness Family Finds, features a wide variety of items.  According to Kathy, NYC is a great place to do retail arbitrage.


I highly recommend checking out her blog at  In addition, be sure to join her Facebook groups, eBay Stores Nothing but eBay Stores (the only Facebook group solely for eBay store owners) and eBay Selling Basics Nothing but eBay Basics.  Kathy also runs a membership group, Social Media Insiders, for eBay sellers interested in growing their businesses through social media.


And don’t miss Kathy’s So You Wanna Sell on eBay interview from 2015 or her eBay Radio interview from October 31, 2017.


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