What Sells on eBay? Watch Johnny’s Yard Sale Roundup!

Johnny went to several yard sales on Friday, and he wanted to do a yard sale roundup!  Thanks, Johnny!     For eBay-related information, check out this blog each and every day! Become part of the eBay community by posting a question or comment on the new discussion board! And don’t forget to post a […]

Time for Another Yard Sale Roundup!

Ok….this is actually an auction roundup courtesy of Danni Ackerman.  She’s been selling some things for some very high prices — much higher than I’m used to.  So I’m really paying attention to what she’s picking up.  I think you should, too.  Recently, she picked up some bronze sculptures and sold them for close to […]

What Sells on eBay? Don’t Miss My Yard Sale Roundup!

    Cool pillow, huh?  I sold this pillow + some Berkeley Crocs (yes, Crocs) a few days ago.  I purchased the pillow at a yard sale that featured brand new university-themed items.  Speaking of yard sales…..   I’m having a hard time embedding videos into my blog posts today, so here’s the link to […]

New Yard Sale Roundup Video!

We had to go out of town this weekend, but we managed to go to one or two estate sales.  Here’s what we got!  

Another Yard Sale Roundup!

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I had a great time yard saling this weekend.  I purchased quite a few items including a lot of brand new Calvin Klein men’s jeans for $6 and two pairs of Uggs for $3.   I also came across this sale at the American Cancer Society:     Clothes and shoes were 25 cents a […]