What Sells on eBay? Don’t Miss the Yard Sale Roundup!

This weekend was great!  We hit a handful of really good sales.  I think we probably made about $1,000.  (No joke.)  Can’t wait to get all the items we purchased listed!  In my latest yard sale roundup, I’ve chosen to showcase only the best items.     For those of you who are hearing impaired, […]

What Sells on eBay? Don’t Miss Cocoarmy’s Video!

I found another cool video on YouTube.  I definitely learned a few things.  Don’t miss what “Cocoarmy” sold this week!  (And check out some of his other videos.  They’re not bad!)  

Yard Sale Roundup…..With Results!

Hey!  I learned a few things!  I just finished watching this guy’s yard sale roundup.  At the end of the roundup, he reveals what each item sold for.  Great stuff!  (I love YouTube!)  

A Yard Sale Roundup That Is Out of This World!

Lots of sales this weekend!  My yard sale roundup got cut off (my phone died)….but it’s still awesome!  Check it out!