Used Nylons, Piles of Ties, Old Sleeping Bags, and Heart Surgery Pliers!

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  Don’t know what to sell? Well, have you checked out the Score Board lately?  John Robert, a reader, has been going crazy selling a wide variety of items he bought for next to nothing.  Among those items are the products listed in the title.  Click here to check out his scores!    

eBay Has a New YouTube Channel!

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    I’ve decided that I’m going to start posting my best scores on the Score Board. I’ve sold some awesome stuff lately!  For example, I recently bought a brand new set of Kitchen Craft pots and pans for $35 at a yard sale.  I was pretty annoyed that the seller wouldn’t go down in […]

What Sells on eBay for $200? This Coat.

  A friend of mine sold a J. Crew cashmere coat this week.  J. Crew + cashmere = big bucks. She bought it for $15 and sold it for $200.  Must go thrifting……..     That’s it for now! If you’d like a free list of 10 items to sell on eBay, sign up for […]

Monday Motivation: What Can You Buy for $6 and Sell for $149?

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    What sells on eBay?  A few months ago, we picked up these vintage Revo sunglasses at a thrift shop for $6.  It was a corporate thrift shop.  It was one of the thrift shops people love to complain about.   When I got home, I started doing a bit of research.  I found […]

Sigmund Freud and Shark Tank

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    Friday morning I went to an estate sale 30 minutes outside of Chico.  The house was filled with books.  Some of the books were about historical figures, but many of them were about Sigmund Freud.  Pretty random.  The former owner of the house may have been a professor. Not sure.   Anyway, people […]