My PayPal Card Was Hijacked!

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    I love my PayPal debit card.  It allows me to spend the money in my PayPal account while I’m on the go!  Since I swipe my debit as credit whenever I purchase something,  I usually get a cash rebate of around $45 at the end of each month.   I also love my […]

Uh-Oh. We Have 48 Hours to Clean Up Our Act!

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    Yesterday I received an email from eBay.  Apparently, the Velcro corporation is part of the VeRO (Verified Rights Owner) program, and we are no longer allowed to use the word velcro in our listings.  I’ve been selling on eBay for 11 years, and we have never had a problem using this term.  Very […]

What Sells on eBay in August? Vintage Coats!

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  Yesterday I decided to relist all the items in my store that were being watched by at least four people.  This vintage jacket was one of those items.  It had been sitting in my store since January.  It’s really unique, and it’s very photogenic.  However. it’s marked a medium and fits like a modern […]

Have You Seen the New eBay Ad?

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  I’m thinking about getting an “eBaylfe” vanity plate for my car. I wonder if any eBay employees have vanity plates advertising their place of employment?   Speaking of advertising….   One of the things I learned at eBay Open was the fact that eBay will be running ads on TV this fall.  The following […]

Do You Go Brand Shopping? (Video)

  When we go to the city, we like to go “brand shopping.” (That’s what Johnny calls it.)  Brand shopping is when you go to higher-end stores looking for new brands to sell on eBay.  It’s important to go brand shopping whenever you get a chance, so you know what to pick up at Goodwill! […]