Rhinestone Spiders and Blue Skies

    Don’t you just love this photo?  A picture is definitely worth a thousand words.  On eBay, pictures are everything.   Speaking of photos…   eBay for Business asked the following question on Twitter today: What do you know today that you wish you would have known when you first started selling on eBay? […]

Have You Used the Mobile-Friendly Checker?

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One of the things I learned at eBay Open 2017 was to use the mobile-friendly checker.  Not sure why I haven’t been using it! The checker is located in the upper right-hand corner of each listing’s description box.  I’ve been reviewing all of my listings, and most of them are not mobile friendly.   And […]

Win a 30-Minute Question-and-Answer Session With Moi!

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  Labor Day weekend has come and gone.  On Sunday, I went to a barbecue.  While at the barbecue, my friend sent me this picture!  His girlfriend was almost bitten by a rattler!     Did you know that rattlesnake tails actually sell?  People even list them in lots.  Click here to check out the […]

Time to Buy Your Halloween Costume on eBay!

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    Wouldn’t this vintage vest make a great addition to a cowboy costume?  So manly.   Yup, Halloween is just around the corner!  Buyers are on the lookout for cool pieces to wear to those scary parties on October 31st!   eBay just posted this helpful video all about the 2016 Halloween selling season. […]

Fashion Designer Sonia Rykiel Dies at 86

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    Have you heard of clothing designer Sonia Rykiel? She was known as the “queen of knits.” Today this talented designer passed away at her home in Paris at the age of 86.  Now is the time to be on the lookout for her clothing.  Click here to see the completed listings for some […]