My Biggest eBay Fails – Read and Learn

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  I’ve been selling on eBay since 2005, and I’ve made all the mistakes.  If you need a good laugh, don’t miss this blog post I wrote for!                            That’s it for now! If you’d like a free list of 10 items […]

I Made a Mistake

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I know what you’re thinking.  Wow!  Cute boots!  That’s what I thought when I purchased two large boxes of the boots pictured above at wholesale.  I had them listed on eBay for over a year, and I didn’t sell a single pair.  Can you believe it?  Well, I can.   First of all, they’re made […]

We’ve Reached the Million Dollar Mark!

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    Yes, that’s right.  A few months ago, we reached the million dollar mark.  We’ve sold 1 million+ dollars worth of preowned goods on eBay!  Most of these items were sold during the last 6 years, and almost all of them were purchased at yard sales and thrift shops.  Only in America, baby!   […]

Quarterly Shipping Coupon, Costco Tissue Paper, and Holiday Playbook

    Q4 has begun!  If you have a store, don’t forget to redeem your shipping supplies coupon.  I have a premium and an anchor store, so I receive a $50 coupon and $150 coupon!  Love the holiday-themed shipping supplies. Click here to order!   In addition, don’t forget to buy tissue paper at Costco.  Costco […]

Don’t Miss This Interview With CEO Devin Wenig

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  The weather has finally started cooling down in Northern California.  Thank goodness!  Today’s a beautiful day!  I’m going to a Farm to Fork event in Sac this weekend, and I’m looking forward to the lower temperatures.   Before I head out, I want to make sure you know about a recent interview with eBay’s […]