Got Vaseline Glass?

Have you ever sold Vaseline glass?  I haven’t, but I’d like to!  Click here to see the completed listings for the term “Vaseline glass.”  Don’t miss this Wall Street Journal guide all about this cool glowing glass!  

Linda Shields Shows Off Her eBay Set Up!

Linda Shields, an experienced eBay seller and blogger, just sent me some great photos of her eBay set up!  I think she should be an interior decorator if this eBay thing doesn’t pan out.  Oh, wait! She’s already successful!  Take a look: (Yes, this is her home….not a fancy design studio!)   Here’s another…..   […]

Great Video on Eliminating Odors!

Just found out about a show called Resale Royalty on the Style Network.  It’s a show about a resale shop in St. Louis, Missouri.  The shop sells high-end clothing.  It’s pretty interesting!  In this video, the ladies talk about how to remove odors and stains from clothing!    

Tim Chapman Will Be Hosting the Ask Janelle Show Tomorrow!

Don’t miss Ask Janelle tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. Pacific because Tim Chapman will be hosting!  In fact, he’s taking questions.  He posted the following on Facebook:   “I am taking Janelle’s place for the next two Tuesdays. Tomorrow we will talk about “The Secret of Success” in all areas of life and share a few […]

New Podcast Alert!

I guess I’m a little behind the times, but I discovered a new online radio show!  Have you listened to That Kat Radio?  Kat Simpson has a radio show that talks about a wide variety of topics related to selling online.  She’s got a ton of old episodes in the archives.  If you need something […]