Will a Sweatshirt With Paint on it Sell?

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eBay Radio is on at 11 PST!  And at 1:15, Suzanne Wells will be talking about her new site, Unite, which offers classes designed to help eBay sellers be more successful.  I’m actually planning on taking a few of those classes myself!  Suzanne also has a new blog.  Check it out here!   Speaking of […]

What’s in Your Kitchen?

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Suzanne Wells just posted a new episode of “”You Sold WHAT on eBay?”  It’s all about selling kitchen items.  Did you know that you can sell microwave parts for a pretty penny?  Click here to check it out.     Have you joined the Thrifting With the Boys Facebook group?  If not, you’re missin’ out. […]

We Have Internet Access!

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  Last week, our Internet died.  We didn’t have Internet for five whole days.  We have a backup called the iPhone.  We’ve used it as a hot spot when we’ve had problems in the past.  As luck would have it, my practically brand new  iPhone died almost the same day the Internet crashed.  Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!   […]

The Unite Course Catalog Has Been Published!

  So exciting! Unite Commerce, Suzanne Wells’ new educational website for online sellers,  just published its course catalog.  The catalog offers both beginning and advanced courses.  Interested in making more money?  I will be teaching a class on hiring employees for your eBay business.  The course will provide you with info on hiring the right […]

Wanna Spend Labor Day Learning About Selling Preowned Clothing?

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Hey!  Have you seen the latest posts to the Score Board?  Check out this cool “Zen and Now” alarm clock.  It sold for….     $69.99!   (Click here to see more posts)   In other news…. ……   I’m so excited!  Suzanne Wells, the eBay Selling Coach and founder of the new Unite Commerce […]