What Are YOU Watching?

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    Only a few more weeks until the season premiere of Shark Tank!  Can’t wait!  I like to listen to podcasts and watch online shows while I work.  Unfortunately, I’ve watched every single episode of Shark Tank, so I’m always on the lookout for something new.   I was on Twitter the other day, and […]

How Much Did You Make This Month?

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I’m getting ready for Valentine’s Day, are you?  I have this cool little tree sitting on my desk, and I want to decorate it with red heart ornaments.  I just found some on eBay.  Hope they arrive soon!  I passed over a bunch of heart ornaments because I couldn’t tell if they were cute or […]

Have You Listed Using the eBay Mobile App? I Haven’t…..

I still haven’t listed using the eBay Mobile app, but after watching ths video created by eBay seller Sunita Rai, I might try it out!     Sunita created it for the listeners of That Kat Radio.  Click here to check out the podcast!  Click here to check out her eBay store!

I’m Looking for eBay Success Stories!

I love hearing about successful eBay sellers and so does everyone else!  If you’d like to be featured, write up your story, and I’ll post it!  Click here to get an idea of what I’m looking for!     FYI:  It’s Thanksgiving week, and I’m on vacation, so I’ll have more time to post.  Check […]

Don’t Miss These Cool Podcasts!

Listen while you work!  Listen while you work!   1. Listen to Danni Ackerman talk about buying at auctions on the Ask Janelle show here.   2.  Do you love Shark Tank?  Don’t miss this Shark Tank podcast.  Here’s one of my favorite episodes featuring the gal from “Send a Ball,” a company that sends […]