The First Episode of eBay’s New Podcast Has Posted!

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  Well, eBay Open has come and gone.  It was truly a blast.  We loved it!  The event gave sellers the opportunity to meet eBay executives, eBay employees, and eBay sellers from around the world!     Sadly, eBay Open 2018 was also the location of the last eBay Radio broadcast ever.  eBay Radio Host […]

Check Out the eBay Open 2018 Wrap-Up Video!

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  Just got back from eBay Open 2018 in Las Vegas, and it was fantastic!  More on that later.  In the meantime, check out the official eBay Open 2018 wrap-up video!  And don’t miss today’s  Audrey and Griff: Ask Us Anything on Facebook for even more info about the conference!   eBay Open 2018 from eBay […]

eBay Has a New YouTube Channel!

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    I’ve decided that I’m going to start posting my best scores on the Score Board. I’ve sold some awesome stuff lately!  For example, I recently bought a brand new set of Kitchen Craft pots and pans for $35 at a yard sale.  I was pretty annoyed that the seller wouldn’t go down in […]

Are You Staying at Mandalay Bay?

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    So I just heard Griff and Lee on eBay Radio talking about eBay Open 2018 at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.  Griff brought up the fact that some eBayers are talking about staying at other hotels to save money.  My advice?  Don’t do it!  And here’s why…   First of all, staying at […]

The Price of eBay Open 2018 Goes Up Tomorrow!

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    Are you planning on going to the amazing eBay event in Las Vegas?  I am!  Yesterday, I bought my tickets.  Tickets are $275 per person.  For $275, you receive 3 days worth of food, entertainment, workshops, and networking opportunities.  It really is a bargain.  The price goes up to $399 tomorrow, so don’t […]