Need eBay Selling Tips? Check Out eBay Buyer Interview # 4

  Wow!  Anyone looking for eBay selling tips should check out this video.  I just interviewed Maria, an eBay buyer since 2007.   I was surprised to hear that she does not search for brand named items.  (Many of the people I know who shop on eBay look for specific name brands.)  She goes on […]

eBay Buyer Video #3 – Veteran Buyer Jeff Ochs

I hope you’ve been enjoying watching my eBay buyer interview series!  I’ve learned quite a bit myself!  Last week I decided to interview Jeff Ochs.  Jeff is a school administrator and avid cyclist who often uses eBay to buy bike parts locally.   Thanks for participating, Jeff!  

Another eBay Buyer Video!

I got a great response from the last video I posted.  Thanks for watching!  This week I interviewed Angela who has been buying on eBay for years!  The video came out great, and I learned a lot.  I think you will, too.  Very informative!     Don’t forget:  For eBay-related information, check out this blog […]

Interested in knowing more about eBay buyers? Check out my new video series!

As I’ve mentioned before, I do almost all my shopping at yard sales and thrift shops.  I really don’t shop much on eBay or in traditional retail establishments.  This puts me at a real disadvantage as a seller.  I don’t know much about the eBay buyer.   What are people searching for?  How do they […]