Bye-Bye, Top-Rated Seller Status



Merry Christmas, everyone!  Cute photo, isn’t it?   My friend took it for her grandkids.


Well, my tree is up, and my Top-Rated Seller status is down.  Darn!  A few weeks ago, our normal postal carrier was gone, and our packages didn’t get picked up — two days in a row.  One of the days was a Monday.  As a result, we lost our TRS status.  I’m planning on getting it back ASAP.  Wish me luck!


This morning I heard some exciting news.  Terapeak is being acquired by eBay.  Wow!  Terapeak is a research service that offers supply, demand, and pricing data so that sellers know what to sell, when to sell, and at what prices.  Very exciting!


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