Gunne Sax is Back!


Remember when outlets were actually outlets?  In the ’80s, clothing outlets were filled with damaged goods, returns, closeouts, and overstock merchandise at low, low prices. Nowadays, companies manufacture clothing specifically for their outlet locations.  That’s no fun!


Back in the day, the old Gunne Sax outlet in San Francisco was the place to go to buy wedding dresses, prom dresses, and Easter dresses.  It had a huge communal dressing room filled with hundreds of women standing around in various stages of undress.  It was SO fun!  We would go there in the spring to buy our lacy Easter dresses at a fraction of the original price.


Anyway, last weekend I went to a garage sale in our neighborhood. The woman hosting the sale had saved every piece of clothing she had ever owned….including her Gunne Sax by Jessica McClintock prom dress.  It was metallic, it was made in the USA, and it was awesome!  Since I rarely see Gunne Sax dresses at yard sales, I figured it had to be valuable. Sure enough, a slightly sexier version had recently sold on eBay for $99 + shipping!  FYI:  The prom dress listings that sold for the most only had Jessica McClintock in the title. No mention of Gunne Sax!  What’s even more interesting is that the lacy “boho” Gunne Sax dresses we wore on Easter Sunday were going for even more.  (Click here to see the completed listings for this product and here to read all about the history of the Gunne Sax label.)


So I ran home and got it listed right away.  Here I am…waiting for my date to pick me up.  🙂




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  1. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I remember that outlet in SF. Went there a few times. I also clicked on your link and scrolled down the dresses and found a dress I actually had back in the 70’s. So cool.

    • ebaylife says:

      Thanks for reading! I just found a December 2016 Vogue article all about the lace Gunne Sax dresses as well. Seems they are quite the fashion statement!

  2. Carrie says:

    do they still make that brand? I have one I picked up the other day and I can’t decide if it’s a vintage 80s “madonna” tulle/netting dress or a modern one. Do you know if there is a way to tell?

    • ebaylife says:

      Thanks for reading! The only “Gunne Sax by Jessica McClintock” items I’m finding are purses. If the dress says “Made in the USA,” it should be vintage.