Gunne Sax is Back!

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  Remember when outlets were actually outlets?  In the ’80s, clothing outlets were filled with damaged goods, returns, closeouts, and overstock merchandise at low, low prices. Nowadays, companies manufacture clothing specifically for their outlet locations.  That’s no fun!   Back in the day, the old Gunne Sax outlet in San Francisco was the place to […]

What Can You Buy for $1 and Sell for $99?

  Hey!  It’s been a long time!  October and November were two of our biggest months ever.  We’ve been going out of town to source more valuable merchandise.  Totally worth it.  And we still have the day after Thanksgiving to look forward to.  50% off sales, here we come!  If you want to learn more […]

Are You Fat?

  Mufasa is.  Mufasa (our school’s fluffy mascot) really knows how to work a crowd.  As a result, he eats at about five times a day.  He could definitely stand to lose a few lbs.   I think he needs to start going with us to yard sales.  We’ve been seeing a lot of cat […]

Need Inspiration? Check Out This Superfly Business Woman!

  Only 32 days to go!  Have you purchased your costume yet? I’ve been looking on eBay for unique Halloween costumes.  I love the homemade ones!  Check out this costume company started by a mom who just wanted her child to have fun at his birthday party!  Superfly Kids makes all of its costumes in […]

Got Kites?

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  Ever sold a kite?  A few weeks ago, my cousin took this photo at a kite flying competition on the Oregon Coast.  Very nice! Every once in a while I see kites at yard sales.  I’ve never purchased one to resell, have you?  Click here to see the completed listings for kites.  Wow!  $725? […]