The Score Board Is Back!

  The score board hasn’t been working, but now it’s fixed.  It’s time to post your finds!   Betty F. purchased this pet grooming system for $9.99 and sold it for the incredible price of.. (Click here to see how much she made!)     -Miriam

We Lost Our Top Rated Seller Status…Again

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    Check out this photo.  Johnny took it a few weeks ago while sitting in a float tube on Lake Almanor trying to catch as many fish as possible before the sun went down.  He’d finished his shipping for the day and decided to take a break!  He’s been fishing quite a bit this […]

Attention, eBay Sellers! Have You Heard of Arabia Finland?

Wow!  I was checking out the Thrifting With the Boys Facebook group and found out about another great brand!  Have you heard of Arabia Finland?  The Arabia Finland “Moomin” mugs go for a ton.   Here’s a mug that went for….      $235   And this one went for …    $155!     […]

Hey! Did You Make it to Oprah’s Yard Sale?

Last week, Oprah Winfrey decided to have a yard sale!  Well, kind of.  Check it out!  

How Were Yard Sales This Weekend?

We found a lot of neat stuff this weekend!  The first six yard sales were absolutely terrible, but things definitely got better.  Remember: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!  (You have to go to a lot of yard sales if you want to find a lot of good stuff!)   Here’s something […]

We Reached 10,000 Feedback!

Costumes are selling!  Have you sold any lately?  Check out this cool Walmart employee who allowed me to take her picture last Halloween!  I think I’m goingto raid Walmart as soon as Halloween is over…     Thursday is my Friday, so I’m almost ready for yard sales again!   A few news items…   […]

The 2013 eBay Holiday Gift Guide Is Out!

As much as I hate talking about Christmas during the month of August (soooo wrong!), I wanted to make sure you saw eBay’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.  Click here to check it out!  

The Discussion Board Is Filling Up!

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People have topics they want to discuss.  Can you help?  Here are some recent posts to the discussion board:   1. “I am new to selling online, and I am looking for an eBay selling group in the Sacramento area.  Thank You Liz”   2. “I have had three or four customers change their minds […]

Paper Bags Sell?

I can’t believe it’s already August!  A few weeks ago, I went tubing for the first time in 20 years.  I love tubing because it doesn’t take much skill. The boat does all the work!  LOL  This weekend I’m going to a friend’s cabin.  The cabin is right next to a big lake.  And next […]

Meet Larry the Shirt Guy!

Larry is our shirt guy! (He also lists pants…but mainly shirts!) Check out his set up!