We Lost Our Top Rated Seller Status…Again

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    Check out this photo.  Johnny took it a few weeks ago while sitting in a float tube on Lake Almanor trying to catch as many fish as possible before the sun went down.  He’d finished his shipping for the day and mail order for viagra tablets decided to buy januvia online no prescription take a break!  He’s been fishing quite a bit this […]

Attention, eBay Sellers! Have You Heard of Arabia Finland?

Wow!  I was checking out the buy cheap viagra canada Thrifting With the Boys Facebook group and found out about another great brand!  Have you heard of Arabia Finland?  The Arabia Finland “Moomin” mugs go for a ton.   Here’s a mug that went for….      $235   And this one went for …    $155!     […]

Hey! Did You Make it to Oprah’s Yard Sale?

Last week, Oprah Winfrey decided to have a yard sale!  Well, kind of.  Check it out!  

How Were Yard Sales This Weekend?

We found a lot of neat stuff this weekend!  The first six yard sales were absolutely terrible, but things definitely got better.  Remember: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!  (You have to go to a lot of yard sales if you want to find a lot of good stuff!)   Here’s something […]

We Reached 10,000 Feedback!

Costumes are selling!  Have you sold any lately?  Check out this cool Walmart employee who allowed me to take her picture last Halloween!  I think I’m goingto raid Walmart as soon as Halloween is over…     Thursday is my Friday, so I’m almost ready for yard sales again!   A few news items…   […]

The 2013 eBay Holiday Gift Guide Is Out!

As much as I hate talking about Christmas during the month of August (soooo wrong!), I wanted to levitra 10 mg make sure you saw eBay’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.  Click here to check it out!  

The Discussion Board Is Filling Up!

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People have topics they want to discuss.  Can you help?  Here are some recent posts to the discussion board:   1. “I am new to selling online, and I am looking for an eBay selling group in the Sacramento area.  Thank You Liz”   2. “I have had three or four customers change their minds […]

Paper Bags Sell?

I can’t believe it’s already August!  A few weeks ago, I went tubing for the first time in 20 years.  I love tubing because it doesn’t take much skill. The boat does all the work!  LOL  This weekend I’m going to a friend’s cabin.  The cabin is right next to a big lake.  And next […]

Meet Larry the Shirt Guy!

Larry is our shirt guy! (He also lists pants…but mainly shirts!) Check out his set up!  

July Will Be My Biggest Month Ever!

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I didn’t have much time to devote to my eBay business during the month of June, but I still managed to meet my sales goal.  I was shocked but pleased!   (Good job, Larry and Johnny!)  Anyway, I’m finally on vacation.  I have three weeks to devote to eBay, and I’ve set a goal for […]

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