No Vegas? No Problem!

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    It’s hot, hot, hot in Chico, but not as hot as it will be next week in Vegas!  Apparently, it will be 115+ degrees on Monday.  But don’t worry.  The picture above was taken in Bend, Oregon, where air conditioning is optional.  The hotels in Vegas are freezing cold!   And now for […]

What Sold on eBay for $475?

  Check this out.  One of my readers just posted this photo of a St. John outfit to the score board.  She sold it for almost $500. Crazy!  I can see why.  Have you ever gone to Nordstrom to check out the St. John stuff?  OMG!  Super pricey.  In addition, the pics are good, the […]

Registration is Open!

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It’s official!  If you’re interested in attending the eBay conference in Vegas, click here to register!

Have You Ever Tried to Hide Damage From Buyers?

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  Sales this month have been great!  Since January was super slow, I was happy, happy, happy!  (Kind of like this guy!)     We have, however, had quite a few people contacting us wanting to return items. At least three of the people who contacted us were mad, mad, mad.   One lady was angry […]

The Score Board Is Back!

  The score board hasn’t been working, but now it’s fixed.  It’s time to post your finds!   Betty F. purchased this pet grooming system for $9.99 and sold it for the incredible price of.. (Click here to see how much she made!)     -Miriam