Do You Scan Your Store for Duplicates?

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  Every once in a while, I end up with duplicates in my store. That’s why I’ve started using a “duplicate listing scanner.”  The scanner goes through and identifies listings that are the same or almost the same. It’s very useful.  Click here to start using it. Duplicates are a nightmare and can affect your […]

Hey, eBay Sellers! Let’s Rally the Troops!

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    Have any of you every heard of Tim Taylor?  Tim is an avid eBayer who runs an eBay business despite being disabled. He uses his elbow to type on his laptop and his voice to edit photos.  Tim is so intent on being a successful eBay seller that he had a ramp made […]

Are You Building Your Private Client List?

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  I’ve really been working on getting people to sign up for my store newsletter.  Believe or not, there are quite a few people who actually want to be part of my “private client list.”  The clothing, shoes, and accessories category is extremely competitive.  It’s much easier to compete if you have repeat customers.   […]

No Vegas? No Problem!

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    It’s hot, hot, hot in Chico, but not as hot as it will be next week in Vegas!  Apparently, it will be 115+ degrees on Monday.  But don’t worry.  The picture above was taken in Bend, Oregon, where air conditioning is optional.  The hotels in Vegas are freezing cold!   And now for […]

What Sold on eBay for $475?

  Check this out.  One of my readers just posted this photo of a St. John outfit to the score board.  She sold it for almost $500. Crazy!  I can see why.  Have you ever gone to Nordstrom to check out the St. John stuff?  OMG!  Super pricey.  In addition, the pics are good, the […]