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Attention, eBay Sellers! Have You Heard of Arabia Finland?

Wow!  I was checking out the Thrifting With the Boys Facebook group and found out about another great brand!  Have you heard of Arabia Finland?  The Arabia Finland “Moomin” mugs go for a ton.   Here’s a mug that went for….


Moomin 1




And this one went for …

moomin 2




Moomin 3




Cool, Huh?  If you haven’t joined the TWTB Facebook group. what are you waiting for?  (Tell them I sent you!)


Before I go, I wanted to make sure you knew about this free educational opportunity!  Top-Rated Seller Webinars is putting on a tax webinar entitled “”Sales Tax Tips for Ecommerce Sellers” on December 11, 2013.  The webinar will take place at 10 AM Pacific!  Click here to register!

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Hey! Did You Make it to Oprah’s Yard Sale?

Last week, Oprah Winfrey decided to have a yard sale!  Well, kind of.  Check it out!


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How Were Yard Sales This Weekend?

We found a lot of neat stuff this weekend!  The first six yard sales were absolutely terrible, but things definitely got better.  Remember: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!  (You have to go to a lot of yard sales if you want to find a lot of good stuff!)


Here’s something we found at an estate sale.  It’s a cool Fenton bowl. I purchased it for $7!  I sent a text to Danni Ackerman, and she informed me that I had scored.  She recommended I list the bowl at auction with a starting price of $99.99.  I don’t have much competition, so it should sell eventually.   Check it out:




It’s even more beautiful in person!  I love it!


At that same yard sale, we purchased a box of wigs and an itty bitty vintage compact.  This lady had some cool items.  Really cool.  Her prices were all over the map.  It was strange.


Gotta go now! Sales have really been picking up (thank goodness), so I’ve got some work to do!

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We Reached 10,000 Feedback!

Costumes are selling!  Have you sold any lately?  Check out this cool Walmart employee who allowed me to take her picture last Halloween!  I think I’m goingto raid Walmart as soon as Halloween is over…




Thursday is my Friday, so I’m almost ready for yard sales again!


A few news items…


1. Did you miss the shipping webinar featuring Thrifting With the Boys?  No worries.  The replay should be available soon.   In the meantime, check out some of the other Topratedsellerwebinars here.


2.  We just reached 10,000 feedback on our main account!  (We have three.) Yay!


And finally…


3. Can you help this reader out?  The following was posted to the discussion board:


“I recently was given lots of shoes and handbags in brand new condition from a friend. I’d love to sell them on Ebay, but she is a smoker.  Everything smells of smoke. Has anyone ever listed anything stating that it comes from a smoker’s home?  Not sure if I’d be wasting my time.  Maybe I should just donate them.”


Click here to go to the discussion board.  To respond to the post, click on the “reply” button.

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The 2013 eBay Holiday Gift Guide Is Out!

As much as I hate talking about Christmas during the month of August (soooo wrong!), I wanted to make sure you saw eBay’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.  Click here to check it out!



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The Discussion Board Is Filling Up!

People have topics they want to discuss.  Can you help?  Here are some recent posts to the discussion board:


1. “I am new to selling online, and I am looking for an eBay selling group in the Sacramento area.  Thank You Liz”


2. “I have had three or four customers change their minds about their bids over the last 6 months. I think most were before the auction ended.  Do you guys always release the person from the bid if it’s before the auction ends?  This last one said she found something else and really couldn’t afford my item now.  No one else was bidding — just her.”


3.  “I have two airline signs.  One I’m curious about is from the defunct and infamous VALUJET which changed its name to Air Tran after the tragic crash of flight 592. The sign was originally fixed behind the ticket counter and is 3 feet in diameter and is made of a plastic board material with the name and ‘critter’ logo on what I believe is a vinyl material that was pressed to the board. The overall condition of this piece is pretty good with some small dings. I have reason to believe this is the ONLY ticket counter sign left since most were put to the incinerator after the merger. Just curious to what this is worth.  Feedback much appreciated. Thanks!”


To respond to one of these posts, please click here and look for the “respond” button underneath the question.


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Paper Bags Sell?


I can’t believe it’s already August!  A few weeks ago, I went tubing for the first time in 20 years.  I love tubing because it doesn’t take much skill. The boat does all the work!  LOL  This weekend I’m going to a friend’s cabin.  The cabin is right next to a big lake.  And next weekend, I’m off to San Francisco to enjoy a wine tasting cruise!  My friends and I will be tasting wine on Treasure Island.  I purchased the cruise through Living Social!  While in the Bay Area, I plan to do some thrift shopping (of course).  Doing anything fun this month?


Speaking of fun…Sounds like some people have been having fun flipping things from the dollar store!  Have you ever purchased anything at a 99 cent store to sell?  I have!  But paper bags?  Very interesting.  Check out this Score Board post:


“I was walking around the Dollar Tree the other day and saw several packages of brown paper lunch bags (40 per package). Curiosity got to me, and I looked up completed listings for paper lunch bags. They were selling, not very well, but they were selling. I threw a pile of the packages on the ground and snapped a pic. When I got home, I quickly whipped out a listing of 200 bags for $22.00 BIN free shipping. I listed 10 lots. Next day a woman hit my PayPal with 220.00.  That’s right. She bought all 10 lots. I was out 50 dollars plus shipping and fees. I made over 100 dollars, best part is…..$0.00 dollars out of pocket.”


Wow!  Very cool!  Click here to see the completed listings for “paper bag lot.”  Please comment if you’ve ever engaged in retail arbitrage at a dollar store!  I’d love to hear some stories!  And to check out the latest Score Board posts, click here.  

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Meet Larry the Shirt Guy!

Larry is our shirt guy! (He also lists pants…but mainly shirts!) Check out his set up!


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July Will Be My Biggest Month Ever!

I didn’t have much time to devote to my eBay business during the month of June, but I still managed to meet my sales goal.  I was shocked but pleased!   (Good job, Larry and Johnny!)  Anyway, I’m finally on vacation.  I have three weeks to devote to eBay, and I’ve set a goal for myself:  I will sell more this month than I’ve ever sold before!  No checking my Facebook and email accounts 15 times a day. No working for 10 minutes and taking a break.  No messin’ around, Baby!  July 2013 will be the month!


I think I’m going to check out the app I mentioned a while back that tracks how much time you spend on different websites.  It’s called Manic Time.  (The author of the Whine Seller mentioned it on her blog, and I reposted the info.)


Now that I’ve announced this to the world, I feel like I have no choice but to achieve my goal!  (Otherwise I’ll look like an idiot.  LOL)


So, before I get back to work, here are a few things I wanted to share with you!


1.  Check out these cloisonne vases someone posted to the Score Board.  They were purchased for $50 and sold for $245 to someone in Australia.  (Click here to see all the new posts.)




2. Bob Wiley (a guy who sells books) responded to my smelly book post.  He recommends using the “Odor B Gone” spray to clean books so they’re fresh and clean.  Interesting!  I’ll have to try that!


3. Don’t miss the brand new episode of Ask the Danni App!


4. I also wanted to recommend the Dave Ramsey Show and the Clark Howard Show.  I listen to these podcasts while I work.  I also watch old episodes of Donny Deutsch: The Big Idea on YouTube!  (Just go to YouTube and search for them!)


Gotta go!  The new month starts tomorrow!

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What Sells on eBay? Franklin Covey!

Great score!  I just heard about a Franklin Covey “green wallet thingy” on Ask the Danni App that one of the Appsters purchased for $2 at a garage sale and sold for $79.95.  Crazy, Crazy, Crazy!  Here are the completed listings for the term “Franklin Covey.”




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