From Teen Mom to Online Entrepreneur – An eBay Success Story

    Five years ago, Lizzy Clift was a teen mom weeks away from being homeless.  Now she and her husband, Tom, run a six-figure online business.  Their eBay store, Miss Eloise, offers “barely vintage” nostalgia from the 1980s and ’90s.  Their store features clothing, old electronics, and vintage Disney items. Although they sell on […]

Ever Been Carjacked?

    Roger Keyserling has. In fact, he became an eBay seller as a result of a carjacking.   “I was carjacked and shot.  I lost everything.  It took a long time to recover.  I came off disability and started selling online full time.  I sold Barbies on Amazon, but it wasn’t a good fit for me.  I wanted […]

Vintage, Vintage, Vintage!

I love reading about other online sellers.  Auctiva’s newsletter, The Online Seller, recently featured Rebecca Price.  Rebecca loves selling vintage products she finds at yard sales.   Click here to read the story!  (And don’t forget to check out the entire newsletter.  Very informative!)   Don’t forget:  If you would like to be featured on my […]

A Truly Inspirational eBay Success Story!

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    Just got this submission from one of my former students.  Very inspirational!  Here’s her story:   “In 2006, I started getting interested in eBay.  We needed a motor for our spa, so I thought I would look on eBay and see what I could find.  I wasn’t sure which motor would fit.  I […]

Need Inspiration? Check This Out!

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Thanks for this video, eBay!  This guy has over 150 employees, and he’s not even 30….