eBay Entrepreneurs Shine at Awards Presentation!

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  eBay Open 2017 in Vegas was an amazing conference.  We had a great time!  We attended workshops, participated in networking events, and watched eBay executives talk about the future of the company.  And the food was out of this world!   The eBay Shine Awards was one of the highlights of the conference.  The […]

Need Inspiration? Check Out This Superfly Business Woman!

  Only 32 days to go!  Have you purchased your costume yet? I’ve been looking on eBay for unique Halloween costumes.  I love the homemade ones!  Check out this costume company started by a mom who just wanted her child to have fun at his birthday party!  Superfly Kids makes all of its costumes in […]

eBay Sales Are Pickin’ Up!

  I think the summer slowdown is on its way out!  Sales have definitely picked up in the last two weeks. Check out these math books. We bought them for $10 and sold them for $99! Love it!     I wanted to remind everyone that Tim Taylor’s GoFundMe campaign is still in progress.  (Tim […]

Got Wrinkles? No Problem! eBay Can Help!

  A few weeks ago, we sold a product we’d never sold before. The product was called NuFACE.  It’s a “facial trainer” that helps reduce wrinkles.  We bought it for $5 and sold it for $99. It had been taken out of the box, but it looked new.  I guess we should have asked more […]

Did You Know That the Senior VP of eBay North America Is a Top-Rated Seller?

  That’s right. Hal Lawton, Senior VP of eBay North America, is a Top-Rated Seller. He even has a packaging station set up at his house. Pretty cool, huh?  His eBay ID is hal_lawton.  I think it’s really important for eBay employees to buy and sell on the site on a regular basis. That’s the […]