Need Inspiration? Check Out This Superfly Business Woman!

  Only 32 days to go!  Have you purchased your costume yet? I’ve been looking on eBay for unique Halloween costumes.  I love the homemade ones!  Check out this costume company started by a mom who just wanted her child to have fun at his birthday party!  Superfly Kids makes all of its costumes in […]

eBay Sales Are Pickin’ Up!

  I think the summer slowdown is on its way out!  Sales have definitely picked up in the last two weeks. Check out these math books. We bought them for $10 and sold them for $99! Love it!     I wanted to remind everyone that Tim Taylor’s GoFundMe campaign is still in progress.  (Tim […]

Got Wrinkles? No Problem! eBay Can Help!

  A few weeks ago, we sold a product we’d never sold before. The product was called NuFACE.  It’s a “facial trainer” that helps reduce wrinkles.  We bought it for $5 and sold it for $99. It had been taken out of the box, but it looked new.  I guess we should have asked more […]

Did You Know That the Senior VP of eBay North America Is a Top-Rated Seller?

  That’s right. Hal Lawton, Senior VP of eBay North America, is a Top-Rated Seller. He even has a packaging station set up at his house. Pretty cool, huh?  His eBay ID is hal_lawton.  I think it’s really important for eBay employees to buy and sell on the site on a regular basis. That’s the […]

eBay Open 2016 Sessions Now Available Online!

This is so cool! If you didn’t get to attend eBay Open 2016, check out the virtual site:  Many of the presentations are now available online.  I’ve been watching some of the sessions I missed!   In addition, here’s another eBay SHINE award video.  I’ll be posting all the videos one-by-one for your enjoyment!   […]