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Would You Like to Support The eBay Life and Not Have to Spend Any Money?




I would like to thank all of my loyal readers for subscribing to The eBay Life!  I really enjoy sharing the info I have gathered over the last 10 years.


A blog, however, can be expensive to maintain.  So today I’m going to ask all of my loyal readers a very important question: Would you like to support The eBay Life Blog AND try out a cool, new product for free?  If so, then continue reading!


For online sellers, reputation is more important than ever.  The customers I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post could have ruined my online reputation if I had been less attentive to their needs.  Although negative feedback no longer counts as a defect, there are many buyers who check out a person’s feedback before purchasing items.  In addition, many shoppers look for the Top-Rated Seller badge when shopping online.  (My mom, for example, looks for sellers with the “good seller badge” when she shops on eBay.)


Recently, an eBay partner, MyRealkarma, contacted me about writing a sponsored post about an interesting tool they have developed which aggregates all reviews for your online store and turns them into a widget you can display on a product or category page.


Usually, I ignore such requests because the people who want to write sponsored posts do not have products that I think would interest my readers.  MyRealKarma, however, is different.  Their free tool can combine reviews from a wide variety of websites to let buyers know that you’re to be trusted as an online seller.


In addition, MyRealKarma will soon be launching a wholesale marketplace for sellers that sounds very cool!  It will give online sellers the opportunity to sell off excess inventory and buy inventory from verified peers and large suppliers. I’m really excited about this aspect of this new website!


The following facts about MyRealKarma should encourage you to try out this new product!


– MyRealKarma has the ability to drive targeted, high-value traffic to your eBay store, cross promote multiple stores, and build your online presence.


-An MRK Badge is a trust seal that you can place at the top or bottom of a product listing.  By clicking on the badge, buyers can check out your online reputation!


– After signing up with MyRealKarma, sellers can link their profiles to all of their online stores.  They can also add tags (keywords), social media profiles, and a picture or logo.  Seller profiles are search engine indexable web pages that show up in all search results.  Shoppers who click on a seller’s profile are invited to click through to that merchant’s eBay storefront.


-There are currently more than 12,000 active sellers using MyRealKarma.


And my favorite fact…


-MyRealKarma is free, and new users will get an exclusive early access to the Wholesale Marketplace!


So if you’re interested in supporting the blog and trying out a new product for free, be sure to sign up here!  And don’t miss this cool video which will help you learn more about the company!




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I actually had a similar problem about a month ago. What I did was I just deleted all of their code saved it and went through all the steps again and it worked.

By Jenny

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They Called Me a Predator, and I Survived

Funky Shirt


Wow!  This has been an interesting week.  On Monday, a lady ordered an item and (within 24 hours) sent me eight messages requesting that the item be shipped immediately. We offer one-day handling. All items go out by midnight the next business day.  (In reality, they go out by five the next business day so that they’re picked up by the last truck.)  I explained all of this to her, but she insisted that my seller account would be affected by the fact that I had not shipped out her item within 24 hours (not true).


Fast forward three days…


The serial message-sender received the item, claimed it was dirty, and wanted a partial refund.  Shocker.  What did I do?  I gave her all her money back and moved on.  Not worth my time.  And as a result, she left positive feedback.


In addition, we received a return request from a man who’d ordered a vintage leather jacket.  He claimed that we had misrepresented the jacket as leather.  He called us “deceptive eBay predators.”  I sent him a message asking if there was a tag on the jacket that indicated that the jacket was not leather. (It’s possible we made a mistake.)  He did not respond, so I accepted the return request.  Had he responded and sent me a picture of the tag proving that we had made a mistake, I would have refunded his money. Paying for return shipping on an item that isn’t genuine leather is a waste of money.  We’ll see what happens with that…


Finally, we sold a set of vintage dishes that were new in the box.  I lowered the price to $100 and forgot that I was offering free shipping.  (Have I mentioned the fact that I HATE large and heavy items!) Shipping ended up costing $57.   Unfortunately, our scale broke, and we had to buy a new one before we could send the item on its way.  As a result, the package was shipped two days late.  I contacted the buyer to let her know of the situation.  (The buyer had 0 feedback, so I wanted to make sure she knew what was going on.)  Well, she emailed me back to let me know that I had “violated the terms of the agreement” and that she expected a 20% refund.  By the time I issued a refund and paid eBay fees, I made absolutely no money.  I’m just hoping the dishes arrive in one piece.  (Oh, please, oh please, oh please…)


(Update: The following feedback comment was left on 5/10/16 – “I am 100% satisfied with this seller’s service.  I got the product as described.”  She’d better be satisfied!!  She got a great deal!)


All of these issues remind me of how much I love selling funky men’s shirts:  They’re nonbreakable, they’re lightweight, they’re photogenic, and they’re usually clean.


On the flip side, sales have really picked up.  Last week, we even had a $1,000+ day!  Let’s hope this trend continues.


Anyway, that’s it for now. Don’t forget: If you’d like a free list of 10 items to sell on eBay, sign up for my blog! The sign-up box is in the upper right-hand corner of this post. Be sure to send me an email to let me know you’ve subscribed. (Use the “Contact Us” link at the top of the blog.) If you’re already a subscriber, no problem. Just let me know you’d like a copy as well.



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Unfortunately, selling on eBay is not a hobby for us. We depend on it for a substantial portion of our income. Not being Top-Rated Sellers costs us hundreds of dollars a month. And we can't afford to have negative feedback turn off potential customers. Unfortunately, Americans are used to a certain level of customer service, and if you don't offer it, they'll shop elsewhere. That's just how it is.

By ebaylife

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Got $10.000?




Free publicity alert!  Does your eBay business shine?  Would you like to win $10,000 for your business? eBay is looking to recognize the best and brightest eBay businesses, and they’re having a contest!  Click here to enter!




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What Sells on eBay? Dippity-Do Da, Dippity Day!




Hit an awesome estate sale this weekend. Picked up some vintage staplers in the office section. They go for $50 each!


In the bathroom, I found a jar of vintage Dippity-do, and it’s made in the USA!  Remember that stuff? I do!  My mom used it on my hair when I was in fourth grade and had pigtails.


The container alone seems to be worth something.  The jar is almost full, and the label is in good shape. Nobody is selling a jar of pink Dippity, so I’m going to list it for $50.  (A dirty jar of green Dippity sold for $34.99, so I think my price is reasonable.)


In other news…


May 1, 2016, has come and gone, and eBay is now requiring people interested in becoming Top-Rated Sellers to offer 30-day returns.  I’ve already fixed all of my listings!  How about you?


In addition, eBay store owners now receive coupons they can use to purchase eBay shipping supplies. Since I have an anchor store, eBay is giving me a $75 coupon I can use to purchase eBay branded shipping supplies.  To access your coupon, go to the account tab and click on “Manage My Store.”  Then, look for “Subscriber Discounts.”  Can’t wait to order some eBay-branded goodies!  (FYI:  eBay is currently out of packing tape, but a customer service rep assured me that they will be offering it again soon!)


Anyway, that’s it for now. Don’t forget: If you’d like a free list of 10 items to sell on eBay, sign up for my blog! The sign-up box is in the upper right-hand corner of this post. Be sure to send me an email to let me know you’ve subscribed. (Use the “Contact Us” link at the top of the blog.) If you’re already a subscriber, no problem. Just let me know you’d like a copy as well.




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