Oh No! A Defect! I Want It Removed!




Don’t you love summer?  Hanging out at the beach, swimming in the lake, drinking lemonade, getting defects.


Getting defects?  Yup.  When it rains, it pours.


This morning I woke up to an email informing me that a buyer had opened a case for “item not as described.”  The buyer had purchased a Ralph Lauren sport coat.  The price?  $14.99.  It was an old listing, so I’d sold the jacket for next to nothing.


Anyway, the buyer left me the following message: “I received the jacket.  I was buying it for my teenage son.  He liked the picture.  In the picture, the jacket looked very modern, but when we got it, it looked like something an older man would wear.”


Hmmm.  Is that a good reason to open an “item not as described” case?  The pictures we posted clearly showed the style of the jacket.  The jacket did look like something an older man would wear.


So I decided to call eBay.  I explained the situation.  The rep took a look at the case and the comments made by the buyer.  Within a few minutes, the defect was removed.  The rep decided that it was a case of buyer’s remorse.


Thank you, eBay!  In the last six months, I’ve had several defects removed.  I only ask eBay to remove a defect if I think I’ve been unjustly punished.  I encourage you to do the same!

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Thanks for the comment! If at first you don't succeed, call, call again. That's what I'm going to do from now on.

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We Lost Our Top Rated Seller Status…Again


Scenes from a Float Tube  -- Almanor


Check out this photo.  Johnny took it a few weeks ago while sitting in a float tube on Lake Almanor trying to catch as many fish as possible before the sun went down.  He’d finished his shipping for the day and decided to take a break!  He’s been fishing quite a bit this summer.  One of the benefits of selling on eBay is that you can play as soon as your work is done! FYI:  If you ever decide to visit Lake Almanor, stay at the Cedar Lodge.  It’s not fancy, but you can’t beat the price, and it’s super clean!


Speaking of summer…..


Yard sales have been really good this summer!  We’ve been on the lookout for business equipment while out and about searching for deals.  Last weekend, we found the following:


1. A 10.0 megapixel camera that we are going to use as a backup: 50 cents.


2. A new-to-me washer.  My washer just broke, so I’ve been looking for a new one.  It’s part of the Duet series.  I was very excited to find the same washer I already owned.  It only cost me $60, and it’s super clean!  We’ve been washing some of the higher-profit items we buy, so I was desperate.


Now, for the bad news.


Well,  it happened again.  We lost our Top Rated Seller status. A few shipping mix-ups and a few buyers who’d never purchased used items before and we’re back to being “Above Standard” sellers.  Looks like we’ll get it back next month, but I want to be a Top Rated Seller now! We send out about 400 packages every 30 days, so not being Top Rated on one of our accounts costs us hundreds of dollars a month.  Anyway, that’s life.  I’m not going to freak out about it.


Have a good Monday!

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Thanks for the comment! eBay allows you to have multiple accounts. Each account is connected to a separate email address.

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Are Sellers Allowed to List Empty Tiffany Boxes on eBay? Um, No!




Or so I thought….


Yesterday I was listening to eBay Radio, and I was shocked to discover that I was wrong.  According to Griff, eBayers can now sell empty Tiffany boxes and empty branded boxes from other high-end companies.  eBayers can also sell dust bags from companies that sell fancy purses and shoes.  I once got in trouble for listing a Tiffany box, but I guess that policy has changed.  Yay!  (FYI: The ring in the photo belongs to a friend.  It’s an authentic Tiffany engagement ring.)  If you’d like to hear the segment during which Griff discussed this topic, go to show 385 / segment 3.


One more thing.  Have you heard about the new “promoted listing” service recently launched by eBay?  Promoted listings is an exclusive new advertising service that lets you put your best merchandise in front of more shoppers.  eBay is hosting a webinar all about “promoted listings.”  Click here to learn more and register.


And don’t forget:  If you’d like a free list of 10 items to sell on eBay, sign up for my blog!  The sign-up box is in the upper right-hand corner of this post.  Be sure to send me an email to let me know you’ve subscribed.  (Use the “contact” link at the top of the blog.)  If you’re already a subscriber, no problem.  Just let me know you’d like a copy as well!


Gotta go!  I have some Ugg dust bags to list!  They’ve been sitting in my closet for about a year!



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Ready for Bed?




While in Portland, I listed a few items with my phone.  I rarely do this, but I was pretty successful!  I purchased a pair of Nordstrom pajamas for $5 and sold them for $30.  I was on the road, so I only took one picture.  I took it in the car, but I was amazed at how well the pic turned out.


I also purchased a new pet door for $1 and sold it for $25.  Not bad.  I’m liking this listing-with-the-iphone thing.


More important info for entrepreneurs:


1. Don’t miss Suzanne Wells’ newish post about selling Scrabble tiles in lots!  Click here to read.


2. Good news!  TJ Hale posted new episodes of the Shark Tank podcast!  This is one of my favorite podcasts.  In fact, I just became a patron through Patreon.  For as little as $1 a month, you, too, can support the show!  Click here to listen to the latest Shark Tank Podcast episodes!


3. Do you ever feel overwhelmed?  Well, Danni Ackerman’s Niche to Profit airs tomorrow at 3 PST, and her guest, Robyn Johnson, will talk about hiring help.  Click here to tune in!


4. And don’t miss eBay Radio today at 11 PST.


Don’t forget:  If you’d like a free list of 10 items to sell on eBay, sign up for my blog!  The sign-up box is in the upper right-hand corner of this post.  Be sure to send me an email to let me know you’ve subscribed.  (Use the “contact” link at the top of the blog.)  If you’re already a subscriber, no problem.  Just let me know you’d like a copy as well!


– Miriam


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Thanks so much for the comment! I'm really thinking about splurging on the brand-new iPhone. I'm kind of a cheapskate. My current iPhone has a cracked screen, and I don't want to pay to get it fixed. If the camera is really good, I will definitely splurge and get the expensive brand-new iPhone that's coming out in September. I really like taking photos and videos. My current iPhone isn't that great. You can see that the photos of Portland didn't come out very well. This particular photo, however, is fab. I can't believe how clear the photo.

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eBay Acquires Second-Hand Clothing Startup and Asks Buyers About Shipping Time



I wanted to encourage all of you to try listing lower-profit items in lots.  Check out these Levi’s Denizen jeans.  This was a great deal for someone who loves this style! They sold for $57 with free shipping.  (They were purchased by someone who lives in California, so the shipping didn’t cost much.)


Speaking of preowned clothing…. Did you hear?  eBay just acquired second-hand clothing startup Twice.  Very interesting.  Sounds like good news for us.  eBay’s getting back to its roots.  Click here to read all about it!


In other news, eBay just added an “on-time” shipping question to the buyer feedback process.  Buyers who leave feedback are being asked whether or not their packages arrived on time.  Click here to read more about this interesting development.


Finally, eBay just killed it’s same-day delivery service.  Click here to find out more.


Thoughts? – Miriam

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I really love lots. Easy for us and a great deal for the buyer!

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Baby, It’s Hot Outside….


Suzanne Wells, The eBay Selling Coach, just wrote a new blog post. It’s all about selling winter items in the summer.  Here’s an Eddie Bauer cashmere sweater I sold just a few weeks ago for $39.99.  Click here to read her latest post!




In addition, That Kat Radio recently featured one of my favorite eBay sellers, Tim Chapman!  Tim Chapman, Mr. Customer Service, is a full-time eBay seller.  Even more amazing is the fact that he only has a few hundred items listed at a time.  Oh, how I want to be Tim.  To hear all about his latest scores, click here.


Finally, don’t miss eBay Radio today at 11 PST.  If you miss the broadcast, you can check out the archives!  Click here to tune in!


Don’t forget:  If you’d like a free list of 10 items to sell on eBay, sign up for my blog!  The sign-up box is in the upper right-hand corner of this post.  Be sure to send me an email to let me know you’ve subscribed.  (Use the “contact” link at the top of the blog.)


Have any of you sold any highly profitable winter items this summer?


– Miriam

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Yes, wool blazers and 1 women's Coldwater Creek brown corduroy long sleeved shirt, new with tags. I sell mostly clothing because I am not a very good shipper and clothing is easiest for me to pack and ship!:0)

By Karen

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Selling Jeans on eBay

Recently, I purchased a red Harley jacket for $25 at a yard sale.  Just sold it for $199!  We paired it with some snazzy jeans.  The back of the jacket made a great gallery pic.  It really got people’s attention!




Speaking of jeans….


Recently, I started buying jeans online.  I try to look for jeans I already own, but sometimes I go by the measurements.  I look for the following measurements: rise, inseam, and leg opening.  Some people also look for hip measurements.


FYI:  If a seller does not provide these measurements, and I’m not 100% certain the jeans I’m seeing on my screen are the ones I already own, I move on.  I can’t believe how many sellers sell clothing but don’t provide any measurements.


Selling jeans can be highly profitable.  Some sellers actually specialize in jeans.  I only sell jeans that have style names in them.  When listing a pair of jeans, I take a picture of the front, the back, the pockets, the size tag, and the content tag. Many buyers are like me.  They look for jeans they already own, and they need to match the jeans they own to the ones in the pictures they see on eBay!


FYI # 2: If you’d like a free list of 10 items to sell on eBay, sign up for my blog!  The sign-up box is in the upper right-hand corner of this post.  Be sure to send me an email to let me know you’ve subscribed.  (Use the “contact” link at the top of the blog.)


Have a jean-selling tip you’d like to share?  Leave a comment!

– Miriam

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I actually changed my mind once I started buying clothing for myself. It irritated me that sellers didn't provide measurements!

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It’s a Party!!!

I wanted to thank everyone for welcoming me back!  Thanks so much for the positive comments!  I will try my best to make this blog both informative and interesting!




Speaking of keeping it informative…


Don’t miss the following educational opportunities:

1.  I just received an email from eBay.  They’re throwing a party!  I attended the 15th anniversary celebration in San Jose, and it was fabulous, so you might want to consider going.  Click here to register.


2.  eBay also sent me some information about a webinar for eBay sellers entitled “3 Surprising Truths About International E-Commerce.”  The webinar will take place on July 30, 2015, and will focus on international selling.  Click here to register.


3. The Niche to Profit show with eBay selling coach Danni Ackerman broadcasts this afternoon at 3 PST.  It’s a high quality show produced by the Las Vegas Video Network.  It takes place in an actual studio, so that sound quality is great.  If you miss it, you can always go back and watch it tomorrow!  I’ve watched every episode so far.


4. In addition, I just found out that social media expert John Lawson is hosting an “eBusiness bootcamp” in San Diego and New York.  It’s not free, but I bet it’s going to be amazing.  I’ve actually seen John speak in the past at the eBay Radio party.  Click here to check it out!




Are you going to the big party?  I am!  Let me know if you plan on attending this great event!


– Miriam

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Making Money While on the Road!



I’m back!  That’s right, I took a long, long break from blogging, but I’m back.  Am I still selling on eBay?  Of course I am!  We currently have three accounts, and sales this summer have actually been very strong!


Last week we traveled to Portland, Oregon, to visit my cousin and get out of the heat.  Portland is awesome.  The restaurants are amazing, and you can yard sale all day and never get tired!  Check out the view at my favorite restaurant, The Portland City Grill.




Although we were on vacation, we were still selling, selling selling. Here are a few tips on how you, too, can make money while on the road.


1. Hire and train employees to help you ship and answer questions while you’re out of town.  We currently have two people working for us.  They both take home items to list. When we’re on vacation, however, one of them turns into our shipper.  He also helps me answer questions that I can’t answer while on the road.


2. If you sell on eBay and don’t have a smartphone, buy one immediately.  It definitely pays for itself.   You will use it to research products, answer questions, and stay in touch with your employees.


Here I am with my phone on the mini golf course at Eagle Landing which is right next to the real golf course.  You can put your feet in the stream as you golf and drink wine!






3. Use eBay’s custom label feature to make it easy for employees to find the products you are selling.  If you’re going to have people help you ship while you’re out of town, you must have a way for them to find the products that sell.  When a product is listed, the person who lists it records the box number in which it is being stored on the custom label next to that listing.  This makes the product easy to find when it sells.


4. Have employees schedule extra listings the week before you leave so that you can review and start listings while traveling.  We had around 80 listings in the scheduled folder when we left Chico.  I made sure to review and start listings every day.


5.  Create a sourcing plan before you leave.  What types of items will you be purchasing while traveling?  How much will you be purchasing? Where will you be purchasing the items you source?  How will you get the items home?  How much time will you spend sourcing? Remember: You’re on vacation.  If you’re going to source, you’d better have a plan. Otherwise, you might go overboard and stress yourself out.  You don’t want to ruin your vacation!


Speaking of sourcing… on the first day of yard sales, we came across this very interesting bird cage.  It was being sold at an estate sale.   Inside the cage was a pair of angel wings.  (See picture at start of blog post for visual.)  I felt like I was in an episode of Law and Order: SVU! 


OK.  Time to go.  FYI:  I’ll be on eBay Radio today at 1:15 PST.  If you want to hear more about selling while on the road, be sure to tune in!  Have fun this week!

– Miriam


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Thanks for the comment! That was such a nice condo. Wow! I couldn't believe how nice it was. We had fun, didn't we? I think you should come to San Jose!

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Have You Heard of the Show “Market Warriors”?

Check out this Brightwork hood ornament book I just sold.  It sold to someone in Belgium.  It was a bit beat up and sat in my store for a long time.  I sold it for $45 + shipping!




I’m busy, busy, busy, but before I go, I want to make sure you know about Danni Ackerman’s “More Fun, Bigger Profits” eBay conference in Vegas.  It will start on May 2, 2014, and it’s going to be fabulous.  The conference will feature speakers such as  John Bruno and Kevin Bruneau of Market Warriors fame.  Click here to check it out!

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Wait, they are both named Bruno/Bruneau?? That's weird! Last year the Market Warriors were at a local large antique show I go to (in Burlington KY). I might have been in the background :|

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